Wednesday, November 30, 2011

THE rock!

I mentioned that when I first saw the ring, I was a little taken aback. I had sent him at least 5 pictures of rings I loved. The same ring I had wanted for who knows how long. Simple. Skinniest band you can possibly get with a round solitaire. 

Here's one of the few pics I sent him about 5 months ago.
but with a round center stone
I assumed since I had sent him pictures he'd go with that. Simple and easy.

Well, I was wrong. Obviously, it was absolutely gorgeous but I didn't know what to think at first because it was so different than anything I'd thought about before. I was so dead set on what I had always thought I wanted.

He bought the diamond first then found a setting. He explained that he and jeweler tried the diamond on multiple settings like the ones in the pictures I sent and they agreed that the skinny band didn't support the weight of the diamond. Then he told me the minute they put it on this setting he knew it was the one. He said it looked like me and had a vintage feel to it that he knew I'd like. 

Remember the little breakdown I had the morning after the proposal? Well after that little episode I was feeling 1000% better about everything. Once he explained why he picked the ring I started to love it. I mean LOVE it. And now? I am absolutely OBSESSED with it.

Want to see??! OK! 
in the box - via crappy iPhone shots (like all my terrible pics)
and the diff angles on my finger.


That phrase comes out of my mouth at least 15 times a day. Y'all this baby even sparkles in the dark! Love! 

At first sight I didn't think it was "me".  I am not a very blingy person and this was just so much! But it is safe to say this baby is NEVER leaving my finger now. (Let's pray it stays on there forever anyway, this new rock is adding plenty of anxiety to my life currently, I check at least a million times a day that the ring is on my finger and then that the center stone is there. So paranoid!)

Ironically, I have received 2 random messages from girl friends saying that they can't believe how perfect my ring is and how it totally "fits" me.  I just tried on a couple solitaire skinny band rings, like what I had always wanted and I hate the way they look on my finger! As always, Trav was right. He honestly knows me better than I do I think.

Jeezus....have I mentioned how lucky I am??

On a side note, we're going to have to make a custom wedding band. Have any of y'all had experience with that? I want something simple and definitely understated. Oh, and insurance for this bad boy is OUTRAGEOUS! $700 a year?? Nah-uh, not happening. Any ideas on where to insure this for less, surely that's not normal! All suggestions are welcome! Please and thank you!


  1. your ring is amazing!!! I've never seen anything quite like it before but i love it!!

  2. OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!! I'm so jealous!! It's beautiful!!!!!! Now I'm even more excited to start seeing stuff!

  3. It is gorgeous - GORGEOUS!!! I love when I see different looking engagements rings, I have a different setting and I just love it!! Congrats - he did good!


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