Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the time i got married (part 2)

As most brides do on the morning of their wedding, I got ready...

Not surprisingly, as I do at every.single. rehearsal dinner I've ever attended...I had a lot of fun the night before our wedding!

Thank gosh for amazing MOH's.  Casey tucked me in all snug in her bed.

I woke up the next morning to her and 6 of my very best friends. We had a little bed party all morning.  It was/is one of my favorite wedding memories! Then it was time to head home for one last little nap with this sweet babe.

After I had successfully rested off a wedding morning hangover exhaustion it was time to get ready for the main event! We got ready at my parents house and Mrs. Brynn Teel's fab sister Stephanie came with a friend to do our hair and make up! Then we headed to the venue to finish getting dressed!

All these photos are courtesy of the talented Erin Woolsey of ee photography.  

still completely in love with my bridesmaids dresses!







 i didn't feel an ounce of nerves the whole morning but I think these two picture speak for the feelings I must have managed to push to the back of my its a little awkward standing there while everyone pulls and tugs at you AND they took my drink away momentarily so I wouldn't spill it! 

(kind of obsessed with the pictures of my and my girls!)

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