Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fly for a white...girl

We're spending the next few days here:

Aboard the Superfly.

Our 8-5s will hopefully be spent catching lots of these:

Our 5-8s will be spent here:

But you can bet that all our waking hours will be spent doing this:

Guzzling this:

Taking in this:

And this:

Doing more of this:

And certainly more of this:

It will probably be terrible.

I'm sure of it.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Or more (?) weekend happenings according to my phone & instagram, my current and long standing obsession.

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Let's get to it.

I want a farm. Well, that's selling my dreams way short. What I really want? A zoo.

Unfortunately I'm not married to one of those guys that buys me everything my heart desires. (Like elephants and giraffes and baby lions and hippos) I've decided a farm is much more obtainable. It's been some time now that I've been trying to convince Travis I need goats and donkeys without much luck so when I texted him this picture:
And he immediately knew where I was and shot down what I was asking for (chickens). I felt defeated.
Back to the drawing board. Next mission? Bees.

Our house has a basement. Very rare for these parts. So when Turbo told me I could do anything I wished to the rest of the house if he could have the basement I happily obliged.

I had just curled up for a Thursday evening date with DVR and pinot nior when a puppy-dog-faced Turbo asked if I could help him decide where to hang things.
Upon further discussion he asked if I would paint a huge chalkboard on one of the walls.
My heart swelled 3 times it's normal size that night.
He's finally come to realize every room DOES in fact need a chalkboard. 

The girls on the other hand are not so sure about this whole thing. I'm kind of with them. It's all very no-windows-cement walls-zombie-apocalypse down there. Weird.  

Saturday we had our first official family river trip. First of what's sure to be countless in the coming months. We are definitely tasting what life is like for people that live where others vacation and it is sweet I tell ya.
Now if only our address was a bit more south...say...Belize?

We spent most of Sunday recovering.

Oh and shaving the retriever, my sweet adopted daughter, (Little Miss West Texas) Travler.
-yes, Turbo gave his dog 5 names. I gave her 2, Travlin' Dog-
It was quite a hairy situation all in hopes to spend more time on the river and less time vacuuming.

My sweet mini-me, Charlotte, has teeth.  They are the most precious teeffers I ever did see.
I love any message "from" a babe.

Ice is my favorite food. Hands down. 
So imagine my fondness of birthday cake flavored crushed ice.
Like all amazing things (Chick-fil-a & Hobby Lobby) they too are closed Sundays.

We had to make due.
It wasn't nearly as delicious but held us over. For now.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

"I'm new"

This is possibly my favorite excuse.ever.  

And also one of the worst.

Buuut...I still feel new to the whole world of blogs. Not new enough however that I haven't heard talk of google reader going by-the-by.

So I think I'm supposed to use another form of following-ship, or what have you.

Anyhow, I got on bloglovin' and it's name does not deceive you.  I'm lovin' it. It was high time to clean out my reader anyway.

So over to the right click this button:

Follow on Bloglovin

and it should take you someplace that then will let you follow this teeny blog.

But then again, I'm not entirely sure.

I'm new.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness

We've been going a mile a minute around here, with very few weekends to spare.  It's fun no doubt, but to be completely honest, I'm ready for things to s-l-o-w down.

November, December, January, February...all a whirl wind. Just going to skip over those for now. 

March Madness is what you could call it around here.  The month started with a weekend away in Rockport for Turbo's 30th birthday.

Okay, so maybe those pictures don't make our life seem so crazy...

The following weekend we celebrated his birthday in a BIG way with a surprise party at our casa.  It was pretty epic and I was pretty dang proud of myself for my ability to pull it off. Travis still is in shock I, someone who can NOT keep anything a surprise, was able to swing it. 

Feliz Cumpleanos Turbo!
no worries, I definitely had to google how to spell that and got it wrong TWICE (hence the erasing you see) I am a lot of things but a Spanish speaker I am not. 

I did things on a major budget.  I was trying to keep it a surprise after all, which can be difficult when you share money...
I made a pinata and stuffed it with mini liquor bottles and silly dollar store finds, recycled poofs from my bridal luncheon, had snacks and cupcakes, and bought a few fun theme items like the cupcake toppers, and of course sombreros and mustaches (because no fiesta is complete with out them)

The boys had a great time.  So great in fact, they may or may not have puked all over our guest roon. And I may or may not have ripped my precious Anthro bedding off of them in an attempt to keep it pristine, leaving them coverless. I have sworn on my life not to share this information with their wives, which is why I haven't mentioned Cody's name. 

Here's to 50 more birthday celebrations with Mr. Urbo.

Immediately following his birthday weekend celebration I hosted a Bachelorette Party for my college roommate and one of my very best friends. More on that later, but here's a sneak.

I should also mention that on Sunday when the girls left our house in almost better shape than it was on Friday before they came.  The same can certainly not be said for the previous weekend with a house full of boys...

In between all our weeeknds I tried to accomplish 101 projects around our house. 

Unfortunately, my to-do lists are always extremely more ambitious than physically possible. "A work in progress" I keep reminding myself. 

So there you have a tiny recap of a few life happenings all in an effort to become better at this blogging thing.

I'm in the process of  thoughtfully considering actually becoming diligent about this whole blogging thing. Maybe.  In my head it sounds like a perfect idea. But gee-whiz it's a lot of work. For reals. 

But it truly is something I would really like to do on a "more serious" level. We shall see. 

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


If as a married couple you received a sponsor (ala NASCAR), Columbia would be ours. Specifically PFG.
 {professional fishing gear}  

No truer statement has been made.

Not wearing the same color at the same time can prove challenging.


It wasn't until months into our relationship that I saw my now husband not sporting something Columbia. My dad even joked that we couldn't get married until Columbia manufactured a tuxedo. 

From shirts to shorts, hats to shoes, fleeces to sunglasses. We've got it all. 

(Their shorts are the best. Norts? Nah. I love my PFGs.) 

I've even been known to switch PFGs with boys on Bourbon St.
Hey, the one he was wearing had my sorority letter embroidered on them from another university. I HAD to have it. 

And while I wear Columbia muuuuch less than Turbo, you can find me in a long sleeve PFG fairly regularly. Especially during the summer months. {Februrary - October in TX}

Between the Texas coast, the river, and various beach vaycays  Columbia is worn frequently around here. 
In fact, I really believe it is a must for any active outdoor activity. There's no hiding my pale skin and Turbo's about as ginger as they come. We need our built in SPF. 

And they come in all my favorite colors. Who doesn't love looking like an Easter egg?

If sun is involved, and it usually is, our weekend bags generally look like this.

Now it's true that more flattering articles of clothing have been made but you just can't beat the practicality here.  

And if you throw a monogram on it, they instantly become classic and trendy. Am I right?

Seriously, love me a monogram. 

Plus, and possibly the biggest factor, Trav loves a girl in a fishing shirt. 
And I think you'd be hard pressed to find an outdoorsy man that didn't.

Go get you one or ten. You'll thank me.  Promise.  

Monday, March 18, 2013


First, my apologizes for my wonky layout. I am such an amateur and somehow mangaed to mess it all up. 

Moving right along...

Burlap wreaths.

It is my mission to utilize these wreaths I made and love so dearly all year long.

First, they welcomed guests into the chapel at our wedding back in October.

Then the letters were removed and they spent October and November hanging on our twin doors like this...

Then sweet December rolled around and they got another makeover.

Next came February's makeover. Valentine's of course...

And here we are in March. Spring! 
I'll tell you with each change of the seasons that it is my favorite season. But Spring is my favorite season.  Really. 

Until fall comes anyway. Because you know any season where decorating with dead/dried plants and vegetation is a winner in my book. 
 Leaves, branches, cotton, burnt orange, warm neutrals, pumpkins, sweaters, boots...

Wait a minute. Spring. Spring is the topic here. This is our spring-y new wreath makeover.

Can you tell I big, fat love these wreaths. So simple.

Here are a few other spring things happening in our house.