Monday, March 18, 2013


First, my apologizes for my wonky layout. I am such an amateur and somehow mangaed to mess it all up. 

Moving right along...

Burlap wreaths.

It is my mission to utilize these wreaths I made and love so dearly all year long.

First, they welcomed guests into the chapel at our wedding back in October.

Then the letters were removed and they spent October and November hanging on our twin doors like this...

Then sweet December rolled around and they got another makeover.

Next came February's makeover. Valentine's of course...

And here we are in March. Spring! 
I'll tell you with each change of the seasons that it is my favorite season. But Spring is my favorite season.  Really. 

Until fall comes anyway. Because you know any season where decorating with dead/dried plants and vegetation is a winner in my book. 
 Leaves, branches, cotton, burnt orange, warm neutrals, pumpkins, sweaters, boots...

Wait a minute. Spring. Spring is the topic here. This is our spring-y new wreath makeover.

Can you tell I big, fat love these wreaths. So simple.

Here are a few other spring things happening in our house.


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