Wednesday, March 20, 2013


If as a married couple you received a sponsor (ala NASCAR), Columbia would be ours. Specifically PFG.
 {professional fishing gear}  

No truer statement has been made.

Not wearing the same color at the same time can prove challenging.


It wasn't until months into our relationship that I saw my now husband not sporting something Columbia. My dad even joked that we couldn't get married until Columbia manufactured a tuxedo. 

From shirts to shorts, hats to shoes, fleeces to sunglasses. We've got it all. 

(Their shorts are the best. Norts? Nah. I love my PFGs.) 

I've even been known to switch PFGs with boys on Bourbon St.
Hey, the one he was wearing had my sorority letter embroidered on them from another university. I HAD to have it. 

And while I wear Columbia muuuuch less than Turbo, you can find me in a long sleeve PFG fairly regularly. Especially during the summer months. {Februrary - October in TX}

Between the Texas coast, the river, and various beach vaycays  Columbia is worn frequently around here. 
In fact, I really believe it is a must for any active outdoor activity. There's no hiding my pale skin and Turbo's about as ginger as they come. We need our built in SPF. 

And they come in all my favorite colors. Who doesn't love looking like an Easter egg?

If sun is involved, and it usually is, our weekend bags generally look like this.

Now it's true that more flattering articles of clothing have been made but you just can't beat the practicality here.  

And if you throw a monogram on it, they instantly become classic and trendy. Am I right?

Seriously, love me a monogram. 

Plus, and possibly the biggest factor, Trav loves a girl in a fishing shirt. 
And I think you'd be hard pressed to find an outdoorsy man that didn't.

Go get you one or ten. You'll thank me.  Promise.  

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  1. I wish we had a pic of the time we all wore them in RP! Classic Easter Eggs fo sho! Haha


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