Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar worthy...

I don't really give a flip about movies and all that jazz. I'd be happy watching Pretty Woman, Despicable Me, Mean Girls, Father of the Bride, and Sweet Home Alabame on repeat for the rest of my life. What I do care about is this...

This dress will be mine.  I will wear it on even days (my wedding dress on odd days, obvi).

Obsessed.  It actually is very similar to my prom dress I wore, of my gosh, like 8 years ago! I love the color, the secret little slit down the front, the huge bow.  She totally rocked it!

It's T's birthday week!! WAHOO! So excited about all it has in store and all the extra time we'll get together! We're kicking off the week tonight at his bayhouse in Palacios. We used to meet there just about every Wednesday for a mid week date night, since he's so far away now that hasn't happened in quite sometime! I'm pumped about bookin' it down there after work today! Some Mexican food, maybe "see what's shakin at the Dairy Queen*", couch cuddling, hopefully get the boat in the water...a perfect way to kick off the week!

I get to wake up to my old man on his birthday for the rest of our lives! EEEEE!!

Tuesday we are celebrating his actual bday at the rodeo seeing this band:
AHHH!! No lie, I prayed they would get back together for one last tour...and of the 4 dates they have set one just happened to be at my most favorite place to enjoy great music - they're really are "angels among us*"! Perfect way to spend T's birthday and SO super excited to scratch this off my bucket list!

In other great news I'm playing hookie on Wednesday!  We're going to get breakfast before he heads back to reality and I'm hoping to cross about 10 things of my to-do list as well as meet with a florist and go to the doc.

Hope your week is full of things you're looking forward to!

*Alabama reference, duh.

Friday, February 24, 2012

"It's that damned old rodeo"

Yep, the most wonderful time of the year y'all!

No, no not Christmas.....RODEO HOUSTON!
And it starts NOW!

Tonight I'll be eating like a redneck and drinking like an alchie at the Rodeo Cook Off! I've been mentally preparing all morning.

In days past we used the rodeo as an excuse to pull out short shorts, skirts, dresses, whatever and flit around all cute. Well, times are a changin' because I'm pretty sure I'm wearing what I have on today...cowboy boots (not tucked into jeans, gasp) long sleeve T and big comfy poncho.  I'm either going to look like the only warm, practical minded sister at the cook off ....OR.... a huge BD.

Either way, I'm likely not to care because I'll be guzzling sipping on *FREE* patron all night long! Don't mind if I do! Ah, the beauty of having friends in high places!

*    *   *   *

Hoping this guy will make me feel like I'm hanging out at Blue Light tonight. Oh LBK, how I miss you.

Josh Abbott Band 
Listen to the song "Taste" you'll quickly become a fan.

 *    *   *   *

In unrelated news, yesterday one of my kinders left to go to a drs appointment.  She came back with the most amazing surprise ever for her teacher....

She gets an A.

*    *   *   *

On that note, I want Chick fil a Chicken Minis BAD!

Real bad.

*   *   *   *  *

It definitely feels like a Friday.  We (the teachers) have found our way into the hallway to discuss "important matters" multiple times today.  I think we may order lunch, which we never do, and they were semi quite this morning so they'll be getting an extra long time for free stations. Luckily, my class is super independent.  Hard work for me at the beginning of the year but easy peasy now...they rock and roll through the whole day. I big fat LOVE Friday's in kinder!

*   *   *   *  *

 In the process of writing this post my mouth went from watering over chicken minis to watering over Jimmy John's.  And from considering ordering lunch to one quick phone call to my little yoga hating brother. He is bringing me Jimmy John's! Can't wait for 11:30 now thanks to bub!

MMMM, sure do wish I was on my couch in Lubb with my roomies, watching crap on MTV, scarfing that delicious Country Club.

Growing up is hard to do.

*   *   *   *   *

I'm thinking when Garth sang "it's the joy and the pain" he was reffering to how I'll probably be feeling tonight and then tomorrow morning...

Here's to hoping for a hangover free Saturday!

Pull out your boots y'all and have a FAB weekend!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a relief!

A 3 day weekend is ALWAYS such a relief!
Thank the Lord for George and Abe....and cutie George Dub, of course.
side note: I am NOT very political. I base my vote off the "feeling" I get from them. Possibly how cute their fam is and the basics of their platform. I will NOT however, be voting for the gentleman for the GOP that is against doctors doing a amniocentesis but you may vote however you please.

On Friday, I drove through gloomy weather to Rockport, TX.  My favorite town in the grand ole U S of A.  I finally got to hug T's neck and spend a little time just relaxing.  It was perfect. Just what we needed.  I found about a million dollars worth of amazing things my little heart desires while shopping "down town" Saturday morning. If you're near the Texas coast, I highly reccomend a Rockport getaway!  

I am dying over these amaze plates with the outrageous $88 price tag! I just want two though...shouldn't they be mine?! My mom has the cute plates she and my dad ate off of the first year of their marriage hanging in the kitchen. I love the idea and these plates would be juuuust perfect!    

Unfortunately, on Saturday just as the clouds parted and the sun came out to create the most incredible bayside weather...I had to leave to make it to a couples shower celebrating T's brother Chris and bride to be Haley. I just love them so, so much! I am beyond excited about having Haley as a sister and Chris as a brother! Trav stayed in Rockport for a planned beer drinking/fishing day "work thing", we all missed him.  I was so, so happy he got to have a weekend of nothing though.  He literally busts his butt every single day trying to sort out choas in the fields, the stress was definitely getting to him (and me!).  The second he got out of his truck he said, "Babe, I have never been more relived to see the you and the ocean." I think after some R and R he's feeling refreshed!
Nothing a few breverages can't fix.
The shower was in this precious tiny town. And the bride was wearing this cuper cute dress from JCPenny of all places.  No worries y'all, I stopped on my way home and bought one for myself.  Perf for the rodeo starting THIS WEEKEND! I was pretty impressed with some of the other cute things they had. Might just have to add JCP to stores I visit. Check it out!

Sunday we had our tasting at Briscoe Manor. Travis couldn't make it but his mom was able to come along with my parents. Oh my did not disappoint.  And it certainly didn't make choosing food any easier! I want it ALL! And isn't the set up perfect? Maybe they'll let me borrow some of that lovliness!

Yesterday my mom and I ran around all day doing "wedding errands".  We may have also squeezed in time to buy some adorable things for little miss Charlotte.  Man alive, is that going to be one spoiled little tot!

We talked to hotels to set up room blocks.  Can't wait to have everyone we love together! EEEEE!

We made some progress on flowers. We're thinking about doing mostly DIY flowers (but leaving the bouquets to the professionals). We checked out different flower options.  All white with possible touches orange. We also ran around town looking for the best options for vases and candles. Here are a few thoughts:

 We bought a stand similar to this one at PB. It will be chock full of my mama's famous chocolate chip cookies.  The one we got must be new because I couldn't find it on their website. I have wanted this for ages and can't wait to register for all the matching goodies! Ahhh...anticipation...

Speaking of mom and I mentally registered for all kinds of amazing things at Pottery Barn.  Can't wait for the day T and I have some time to get the gun and do it for real!

What I did do for real is create a "wedding wishes" list at Anthropologie online.  Okay, so maybe I created this list months and months before I even became his fiance, but I have one nonetheless. T had no part of this, he doesn't quite understand the fascination with this store. However, at some point, I'll show him all the lovely things he didn't know he wanted - and hopefully that point will be when they're all placed perfectly in our first home.

Want to see some of the things that make my heart stop??

This should take you there...

Make an Anthro wish list for yourself and share it with me! I'd love to see what you're dying for!

Friday, February 17, 2012

oh, brother

Yesterday I asked my bother (22, tall, funny, cute, single...just in case you're looking) if he wanted to go to Bikram with me. If you don't already know, Bikram is basically 90 minutes of yoga in a sauna.  It's amazing and I definitely think you should try it if you haven't.  For real, like sign up find a Groupon for it today bc it's stupidly expensive.
that's me, just doin some yoga in the sunset...the usu
Back to the story, I was completely kidding when I asked him if he wanted to go since the day before he had made fun of me for it. Imagine my surprise when he quickly answered "sure".  He claimed it would, "help with his golf swing." I told him I'd cover the cost if they wouldn't give him his first session free.  We'll just say it was $25 well spent! 

After 90 minutes of sweating his ass off, hoping around trying to balance, and looking incredibly awkward, I asked him what he though about it all to which he responded "well Mandell, I've been through something similar to that before and it was called Phi Delt Hell Week but it was a hell of a lot cheaper". Hell week if you don't know is well, a week of hell before you get initiated into a fraternity. (boys get hazed girls get presents - reason 2827 why being a girl is fun) I was literally dying with every remark he had to make about his new experience. Made my Thursday super.  I'm making him go with me next week too - got to get that golf swing in tip top shape before spring! 

I'm off to Rockport tonight! The first time back since we got engaged! So excited to spend some time with T, even if it is just a night - we take what we can get these days. Hopefully the short time will include some porch sitting...I live for this view. 

Jessica recently said that heaven seems a little closer when you're by the ocean and I couldn't agree more. Absolute perfection.  

I remembered last minute (8:30 last night) that I needed a shower gift so I booked it to BB&B, which is an total nightmare in my opinion - so much stinkin shiz and it already takes me like a million years to come up with a cohesive purchases for a gift basket. I threw creativity out the window and tried to find something that came in a box. Bought it (after searching for 30 minutes) and left as they locked the door behind me.

Since I put zero thought into the actual gift I figured I could at least cute it up a little...after all, wrapping a gift is one of my favorite things in the world to do!

I also wrapped the brides lingerie shower gift since I couldn't make it to her bach party last weekend...nothing at all fancy about this wrap job but thought it was worth sharing because the paper is so dang fun AND on sale for $1 at Targ and makes me want to throw a fiesta - go buy you some...and take a tequila shot drink a marg.

I have this odd thing for bees. One day I will write a post about it but until then just know that bees are a vital part of our being. 

After scouring google for the perfect bee image and not finding what I wanted yesterday I finally threw in the towel and drew it myself - google let down....

After I clean it up a bit, this may or may not be used for some fun things coming up! And not a minute too soon, since it's a project I've been wanting to tackle for about 4 months now....suuuuper excited!

And before I wish you a perfect weekend (LONG weekend for some!) I'll leave you with this dress...
I still have some left if you'd like one! Sizes XS, S, and L I'm pretty sure.  In the burnt orange/rust color same style as blue dress on model.  
Gianni Bini 
Retail: $118
Selling for: $45

PERFECT for the Houston Rodeo coming up....just sayin'! 

Now ladies, have an incredibly restful weekend and spend it with all the ones you love! 

*sweet gma's words make my heart happy*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

food for the soul

I'm linking up with Michelle for "Oh How Pinteresting".

I'm devoting my whole post to my hands down favorite food.

on a stick...not the mini - although, I will eat those as well

Seriously, best food ever invented. Unfort I don't eat these very often (I hear they're not that great for you, saay wha?!) But oh man, could I!

Once, not too terribly long ago, on a trip back to college...I ate a total of 12 corndogs in one weekend. TWELVE. Every meal. Obvi you eat 2 for dinn and 2 to cure that pesky hang over. Sadly, I don't lie. They come best 2 for $2 at gas stations nation wide. Shell, Stop n Go, 7-11, Sonic, I'm not picky. 

They WILL be making an appearance in my wedding. And I WILL be devouring... Yep, gotta make the extra 2 hundo were spending on an additional fryer worth while. 

T will be the fryer in the fam (that's def a boy's job) so I'll let him learn to make these for me...oh my heavens.
No mustard, just ketchup please. 

If Trav's busy I suppose I could whip out this bad boy.  He'll be added to our registry just the second I find him (and start a registry). 

Bees AND corndogs?! 2 of my most favorite things! 

I'll also let Trav make this for our next corndog party.  Perf house warming party food, I do believe! 

And let's not forget the bevie that makes these babies taste even better....

Aren't you hung know?! I AM!

Like that abbrev for hungry? It's def our fav next to the abbrev for country of course....we try to squeeze that one in convos as much as possible...


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bachelor and Becoming Urban

Urbanovsky that is...

I like the ring of "Nameless for now" but knew when I started this blog a few months back I was going to be incorporating my future new name (hence keeping my blog without a real name) but didn't want to jinx anything before I was engaged.

A new blog design was in the works and I was oh-so excited about it but unfortunately the girl who was working on it has gone MIA....well, not exactly MIA, she still blogs regularly but I sure haven't heard from her, even after emails "checking the status" etc....

So I took matters into my own hands, did a small update, but my skills in that department are maxed out so I am looking for someone who can jazz this little blog up a bit. I want something nice and simple. I also want to change my web address, know how to do that?

Who designed your blog? Let me know who's fun (and reliable) to work with! 

First of all,
Happy Valentine's Day!
I just LOVE this day, don't you?

Now back to actual topics....
The bachelor.

Ok...first of all, just where the HELL were the lobsters pincher's when they went on that little "spontaneous" lobster diving trip?? For real Bach producers...did you really rip their pincher's off before hand?!

Never ceases to amaze me...every week there's something that makes me say "wow, this show sucks" yet I continue watching....

You know what I'd like to watch?? A real life bachelor.

Take a random regular guy, the more average the better. Any guy. Just put a bunch of fraternity boys in a circle close your eyes spin around and voila the guy you land on will be the new Bach.

Then let them go on normal dates, like HH here:

Or better yet, here:

Share a giant plate of chicken nachos and frozen margs that'll defintely kick off the night on the tight foot. That's what Im talking about...

If they want to get a little crazy they can take a cab here:
Some BA tunes, dancing, and $2 whiskey waters will most certainly make you feel "in love" (until the morning when the only feeling you'll have is death) 

Not ready for the night to end? No problem....some of the best places are open 24 hrs. Sharing, okay, not sharing...both scarfing breakfast burritos at 3 am. Now that's sexy.

For the grand finale they can road trip it here for a weekend:

(no helicopters or ridiculous-unrealisticness hoopla necessary)

We can watch the bachelor say what he's really thinking not all that "this is such an incredible journey" bullshiz. I never in my life have heard T or any other guy even use the word "journey" or worse, "wonderful journey". Vom.

Now that's a show that would receive my undivided attention every week. Normal. Real.

I want to watch actual people fall in love. Or not fall in love. Whatever, just something with substance...

Come on abc make it happen.

ps - Courtney, you suck. Period. And Ben, you pretty much do to. Get a freakin haircut.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Waiting on a package...

On Saturday Casey and I showered mama to be Brittany and our tinniest addition, Grant who will be  joining us very soon!

Sweet little GJB!

Big Papa Mark's been one of our very closest friends since high school and Brittany quickly became "part of the group" after they got married.  I knew the second I found out they were expecting I wanted to do something special for them. Casey and I were so excited about hosting a shower for them! 

Mark has worked with UPS since college.  We are constantly joking with him about using other shipping companies and his cute brown uniform he used to sport when he did routes. It took Casey and I about .3 seconds to decide on this precious UPS theme.

Check out these incredible invites...I drew what I wanted the symbol to look like and sent it to our friend Amanda to execute (She has a side business called "Swoon" that I'll link to the very second she gets her page up!) Amanda took it to a WHOLE new level by making it identical to a UPS shipping label! SO amazing! This really set the whole theme, every RSVP I recieved ravved about the cleverness!

Now on to the all the cute deats! We hosted the shower at Casey's adorable home. The perfect party house! We tried to keep it simple and budget friendly, best part...we were successful! Jute, check. Packaging paper, check. Boxes, check. Groceries, check. Done and done!


Sign in and wishes for Grant
We added sonogram pics of Baby G to the white strip of ribbon. 
Food set up
We served fruit, veggies, pasta salad, assorted hummus dips, pita chips, crackers, spinach dip, cheese cubes, meltaway cookies, and cupcakes. Light and easy.

Want to know a cheap girl secret? Those delicious (and pretty!) cupcakes....they're from Walmart! Can't beat $6 a dozen and everyone that ate them asked where they were from! mmm mmm good!

The drink set up

Even these boys got in on the action! I was dying to make a little speech bubble coming from their heads wishing Grant well!

The shower goers were left with these simple favors...chocolate chip cookies, dipped in chocolate and drizzled with yellow.

After everyone said their goodbyes we asked the boys (who had been avoiding the estrogen by doing "man things" outside) if they wanted some grub...they happily accepted the offer. I thought all these flannel/cowboy/baseball cap adorned boys looked pretty funny filling their tiny plates with dainty chick food!

We had so much fun putting this all together for Britt! We are anxiously anticipating their special little delivery!

Baby G you are SO loved! We can't wait to meet you!

*   *   *

In other baby related news...

Yesterday my mom had the whole fam over for a fun little "Celebrate Charlotte"/Valentine's Day dinner.  We are SUPER, SUPER excited about having another girl in the family and went a little over the the top in the pink category! Complete with pink balloons, pink sparkling cider, and strawberry short cake with pink whipped cream!

Ahhhh....LOVE IT!

I also texted my brothers and told them to wear pink. They were a little confused as to why we were "celebrating" an unborn child but all showed up adorned in pink anyway! Such good sports!

And aren't you obsessed with her name?!

Charlotte "Charlie" Wynn 

Sweet little C Dub, I already love you so, so much!!