Monday, February 13, 2012

Waiting on a package...

On Saturday Casey and I showered mama to be Brittany and our tinniest addition, Grant who will be  joining us very soon!

Sweet little GJB!

Big Papa Mark's been one of our very closest friends since high school and Brittany quickly became "part of the group" after they got married.  I knew the second I found out they were expecting I wanted to do something special for them. Casey and I were so excited about hosting a shower for them! 

Mark has worked with UPS since college.  We are constantly joking with him about using other shipping companies and his cute brown uniform he used to sport when he did routes. It took Casey and I about .3 seconds to decide on this precious UPS theme.

Check out these incredible invites...I drew what I wanted the symbol to look like and sent it to our friend Amanda to execute (She has a side business called "Swoon" that I'll link to the very second she gets her page up!) Amanda took it to a WHOLE new level by making it identical to a UPS shipping label! SO amazing! This really set the whole theme, every RSVP I recieved ravved about the cleverness!

Now on to the all the cute deats! We hosted the shower at Casey's adorable home. The perfect party house! We tried to keep it simple and budget friendly, best part...we were successful! Jute, check. Packaging paper, check. Boxes, check. Groceries, check. Done and done!


Sign in and wishes for Grant
We added sonogram pics of Baby G to the white strip of ribbon. 
Food set up
We served fruit, veggies, pasta salad, assorted hummus dips, pita chips, crackers, spinach dip, cheese cubes, meltaway cookies, and cupcakes. Light and easy.

Want to know a cheap girl secret? Those delicious (and pretty!) cupcakes....they're from Walmart! Can't beat $6 a dozen and everyone that ate them asked where they were from! mmm mmm good!

The drink set up

Even these boys got in on the action! I was dying to make a little speech bubble coming from their heads wishing Grant well!

The shower goers were left with these simple favors...chocolate chip cookies, dipped in chocolate and drizzled with yellow.

After everyone said their goodbyes we asked the boys (who had been avoiding the estrogen by doing "man things" outside) if they wanted some grub...they happily accepted the offer. I thought all these flannel/cowboy/baseball cap adorned boys looked pretty funny filling their tiny plates with dainty chick food!

We had so much fun putting this all together for Britt! We are anxiously anticipating their special little delivery!

Baby G you are SO loved! We can't wait to meet you!

*   *   *

In other baby related news...

Yesterday my mom had the whole fam over for a fun little "Celebrate Charlotte"/Valentine's Day dinner.  We are SUPER, SUPER excited about having another girl in the family and went a little over the the top in the pink category! Complete with pink balloons, pink sparkling cider, and strawberry short cake with pink whipped cream!

Ahhhh....LOVE IT!

I also texted my brothers and told them to wear pink. They were a little confused as to why we were "celebrating" an unborn child but all showed up adorned in pink anyway! Such good sports!

And aren't you obsessed with her name?!

Charlotte "Charlie" Wynn 

Sweet little C Dub, I already love you so, so much!!


  1. That looks awesome. I never would have thought of UPS as a theme. That is so creative.

  2. This is such a cute idea for a baby shower! Love the theme!

  3. What an amazing party! Love all the details!


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