Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar worthy...

I don't really give a flip about movies and all that jazz. I'd be happy watching Pretty Woman, Despicable Me, Mean Girls, Father of the Bride, and Sweet Home Alabame on repeat for the rest of my life. What I do care about is this...

This dress will be mine.  I will wear it on even days (my wedding dress on odd days, obvi).

Obsessed.  It actually is very similar to my prom dress I wore, of my gosh, like 8 years ago! I love the color, the secret little slit down the front, the huge bow.  She totally rocked it!

It's T's birthday week!! WAHOO! So excited about all it has in store and all the extra time we'll get together! We're kicking off the week tonight at his bayhouse in Palacios. We used to meet there just about every Wednesday for a mid week date night, since he's so far away now that hasn't happened in quite sometime! I'm pumped about bookin' it down there after work today! Some Mexican food, maybe "see what's shakin at the Dairy Queen*", couch cuddling, hopefully get the boat in the water...a perfect way to kick off the week!

I get to wake up to my old man on his birthday for the rest of our lives! EEEEE!!

Tuesday we are celebrating his actual bday at the rodeo seeing this band:
AHHH!! No lie, I prayed they would get back together for one last tour...and of the 4 dates they have set one just happened to be at my most favorite place to enjoy great music - they're really are "angels among us*"! Perfect way to spend T's birthday and SO super excited to scratch this off my bucket list!

In other great news I'm playing hookie on Wednesday!  We're going to get breakfast before he heads back to reality and I'm hoping to cross about 10 things of my to-do list as well as meet with a florist and go to the doc.

Hope your week is full of things you're looking forward to!

*Alabama reference, duh.

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  1. i loved Emma Stone's dress also! It was my favorite. Now people gave J Lo grief about her dress but I actually liked it!


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