Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bachelor and Becoming Urban

Urbanovsky that is...

I like the ring of "Nameless for now" but knew when I started this blog a few months back I was going to be incorporating my future new name (hence keeping my blog without a real name) but didn't want to jinx anything before I was engaged.

A new blog design was in the works and I was oh-so excited about it but unfortunately the girl who was working on it has gone MIA....well, not exactly MIA, she still blogs regularly but I sure haven't heard from her, even after emails "checking the status" etc....

So I took matters into my own hands, did a small update, but my skills in that department are maxed out so I am looking for someone who can jazz this little blog up a bit. I want something nice and simple. I also want to change my web address, know how to do that?

Who designed your blog? Let me know who's fun (and reliable) to work with! 

First of all,
Happy Valentine's Day!
I just LOVE this day, don't you?

Now back to actual topics....
The bachelor.

Ok...first of all, just where the HELL were the lobsters pincher's when they went on that little "spontaneous" lobster diving trip?? For real Bach producers...did you really rip their pincher's off before hand?!

Never ceases to amaze me...every week there's something that makes me say "wow, this show sucks" yet I continue watching....

You know what I'd like to watch?? A real life bachelor.

Take a random regular guy, the more average the better. Any guy. Just put a bunch of fraternity boys in a circle close your eyes spin around and voila the guy you land on will be the new Bach.

Then let them go on normal dates, like HH here:

Or better yet, here:

Share a giant plate of chicken nachos and frozen margs that'll defintely kick off the night on the tight foot. That's what Im talking about...

If they want to get a little crazy they can take a cab here:
Some BA tunes, dancing, and $2 whiskey waters will most certainly make you feel "in love" (until the morning when the only feeling you'll have is death) 

Not ready for the night to end? No problem....some of the best places are open 24 hrs. Sharing, okay, not sharing...both scarfing breakfast burritos at 3 am. Now that's sexy.

For the grand finale they can road trip it here for a weekend:

(no helicopters or ridiculous-unrealisticness hoopla necessary)

We can watch the bachelor say what he's really thinking not all that "this is such an incredible journey" bullshiz. I never in my life have heard T or any other guy even use the word "journey" or worse, "wonderful journey". Vom.

Now that's a show that would receive my undivided attention every week. Normal. Real.

I want to watch actual people fall in love. Or not fall in love. Whatever, just something with substance...

Come on abc make it happen.

ps - Courtney, you suck. Period. And Ben, you pretty much do to. Get a freakin haircut.

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  1. Oh my gosh - you just created the best Bachelor dates ever!!!!!!!


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