Friday, February 17, 2012

oh, brother

Yesterday I asked my bother (22, tall, funny, cute, single...just in case you're looking) if he wanted to go to Bikram with me. If you don't already know, Bikram is basically 90 minutes of yoga in a sauna.  It's amazing and I definitely think you should try it if you haven't.  For real, like sign up find a Groupon for it today bc it's stupidly expensive.
that's me, just doin some yoga in the sunset...the usu
Back to the story, I was completely kidding when I asked him if he wanted to go since the day before he had made fun of me for it. Imagine my surprise when he quickly answered "sure".  He claimed it would, "help with his golf swing." I told him I'd cover the cost if they wouldn't give him his first session free.  We'll just say it was $25 well spent! 

After 90 minutes of sweating his ass off, hoping around trying to balance, and looking incredibly awkward, I asked him what he though about it all to which he responded "well Mandell, I've been through something similar to that before and it was called Phi Delt Hell Week but it was a hell of a lot cheaper". Hell week if you don't know is well, a week of hell before you get initiated into a fraternity. (boys get hazed girls get presents - reason 2827 why being a girl is fun) I was literally dying with every remark he had to make about his new experience. Made my Thursday super.  I'm making him go with me next week too - got to get that golf swing in tip top shape before spring! 

I'm off to Rockport tonight! The first time back since we got engaged! So excited to spend some time with T, even if it is just a night - we take what we can get these days. Hopefully the short time will include some porch sitting...I live for this view. 

Jessica recently said that heaven seems a little closer when you're by the ocean and I couldn't agree more. Absolute perfection.  

I remembered last minute (8:30 last night) that I needed a shower gift so I booked it to BB&B, which is an total nightmare in my opinion - so much stinkin shiz and it already takes me like a million years to come up with a cohesive purchases for a gift basket. I threw creativity out the window and tried to find something that came in a box. Bought it (after searching for 30 minutes) and left as they locked the door behind me.

Since I put zero thought into the actual gift I figured I could at least cute it up a little...after all, wrapping a gift is one of my favorite things in the world to do!

I also wrapped the brides lingerie shower gift since I couldn't make it to her bach party last weekend...nothing at all fancy about this wrap job but thought it was worth sharing because the paper is so dang fun AND on sale for $1 at Targ and makes me want to throw a fiesta - go buy you some...and take a tequila shot drink a marg.

I have this odd thing for bees. One day I will write a post about it but until then just know that bees are a vital part of our being. 

After scouring google for the perfect bee image and not finding what I wanted yesterday I finally threw in the towel and drew it myself - google let down....

After I clean it up a bit, this may or may not be used for some fun things coming up! And not a minute too soon, since it's a project I've been wanting to tackle for about 4 months now....suuuuper excited!

And before I wish you a perfect weekend (LONG weekend for some!) I'll leave you with this dress...
I still have some left if you'd like one! Sizes XS, S, and L I'm pretty sure.  In the burnt orange/rust color same style as blue dress on model.  
Gianni Bini 
Retail: $118
Selling for: $45

PERFECT for the Houston Rodeo coming up....just sayin'! 

Now ladies, have an incredibly restful weekend and spend it with all the ones you love! 

*sweet gma's words make my heart happy*


  1. ok, i went to bikram for the first time ever in my life yesterday...and let me just mention that i haven't "worked out" in a good 4 years or so...i wish i was exaggerating. needless to say, it was intense. and hard. and HOT. i feel your bro's pain.

  2. I want to go to that hot yoga!!!! Hope you are having fun!!!


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