Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Joys!

As it turns out, when I'm on vaycay so is this little blog. Whoops. I have umpteen posts to write but I'll start with Christmas and probably work backwards (if I get that far). I still haven't posted about Cabo! Slacker of the year award. 

My VERY last Christmas before I become an Urbanovsky.  It's is SO exciting but I have to say, it's a little sad knowing that things will never be the same.  From now until forever we will have to plan where we spend holidays, whose parent's we see when, and travel for every holiday. But oh my lucky are we to have families that we WANT to spend the holidays with.  If deciding how to split out time between two amazing families is the biggest problem we face I'd say we're doing alright.

Obviously I have no pictures from the festivities...gah, I suck.  

I did however take a pic of the sweet treats I took!
Red Velvet Cakeballs...I could literally eat that entire plate.

No need to list all the things I received for Christmas but here is one thing I am just L.O.V.E-ing...

A Lauren Elan friendship bracelet. Isn't it so cute! AND it's in my favorite fall colors! Such a sweet gift from Casey.  You can buy one for your bff here. I'm sure she'll love it as much as I do!

Another gift I am beyond excited about this year came from Mr. Santa himself...otherwise known as my soon-to-be father in law, Mr. Urbo. I have GOT to get y'all a pic of this man.  He's got the Santa act down pat. The beard, the belly, the rosy cheeks, even the sparkle in his eye.  It's the sweetest thing seeing children do a double take and smile. I am so upset "Santa" didn't make an appearance this year in kinder but time just got away from us.

Anyway...all 3 of his sons are getting married and I think it's pretty safe to say he loves the girls they chose. When Travis told me his dad wanted to take us (the girls) to pick out Christmas plates I was excited but didn't really think much of it.  Well, on Monday morning we woke up early to make it to Dillards for the after Christmas sales and I picked out a gift that will with out a doubt be one of my most cherished gifts ever received.  Beautiful Christmas china! 

We each picked out something different.  This is the pattern I chose:
Isn't it beautiful?! 
I CAN NOT WAIT to serve a Christmas dinner on it next year with my husband!

I was so excited to get it home and try it out with my Grandma Doll's silver handed down to me.
It's absolutely perfect! (Even though the silver is tarnished as all get out at the moment!)

Sounds silly, but I wrote a little note about the gift and tucked it in  with the plates.  I love running across handwritten memos about particular items! My Grandma Doll was super about this, she has detailed notes and the original receipts for almost every important item purchased.  I figured now is a good a time as any to get started! If I wait until I'm 8o I'd never get done! Do y'all do this? You should! One day our grandchildren will thank you!

This was such a generous gift and it will always be such a special part of our families Christmas tradition! 

Speaking of traditions...talking about ones we would like to start with our family is one of my most favorite convo's to share with Mr. Trav! I love that we will be our own family of 2 next year! CRAZY!

In other news...

I helped Casey make these pillows for her MIL's Christmas gift and they turned out SO cute! I will def be recreating them for my house!  Love how simple pillows are and the impact they can make in a room! 

And I've been buying all kinds of fun things for me and Travis!
Address stamp for thank you notes. Love it!
Super awesome steel letters for our cake topper. The "&" is in the mail. Ahhh, BHLDN, I really do adore you.
And bookoo's of pretty Christmas ornaments!!  

Well, Christmas 2011 is officially over but I am all set for Christmas 2012 and chompin at the bit for it to get here. It will surely be the BEST one yet! SO much to look forward to!!

I hope each of you had a joyful Christmas full of merriment and happiness! 

Friday, December 23, 2011


I'll fill you in with a long mess of pictures, a schmorgesborg if you will, and everyday happenings in this little life of mine...and for the record, I def had to google how to spell schmorgesborg.

On Friday, not more than .3 seconds after briefly stating that I had a few gift cards, I received an email from Casey (I'm not lying < .3 seconds later) saying we should have dinner at Cheesecake Factory that night.  Obviously I agreed! I was saving that one for the ole fianc...but who better to share mac and cheese with than Case?! We stuffed our faces with delicious food, Texas Teas, and took cheese cake to go (vanilla bean - SO yummy!) 

Layers of Creamy Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, Vanilla Mousse and Whipped Cream. ...mmmmmmm

You know what happens to a teacher after a week of kids and Christmas festivities? They CRASH. After our little Cheesecake Factory Glutton Fest, I stopped by a Redbox, went home, and went to bed. At like 9:30. True story. No movie. In order to watch a movie you have to keep your eyes open and that just wasn't happenin.  

Saturday I attended the wedding of this precious couple.
SO, SO very happy for them! Bryan is the sweetest guy and will without a doubt take care of Laura all the days of their lives. Of course I had to steal this pic from fb bc like always, I didn't snap even one pic! I loved my outfit and had some freakin' cute shoes on too! Dang.

Unfortunately, I went to that wedding sans Trav, he had a work party in Mexi...uh, Laredo but I had fun with some old friends! 

Couldn't party too hard because I had to wake up pretty early Sunday to meet Travis at our hotel for the Texans game! My very first event as an oil man's (almost) wife.  Not a shabby gig as I'm learning! I am so incredibly thankful for Travis' job, the company he works for, and the friends I have made through his colleagues (if it weren't for their wives I would have zero friends when I move).
Typically I feel tiny next to big ole T but these itty bitty cheerleaders did not support that feeling...
I made sure to wear my steel blue, battle red, and liberty white! GO TEXANS!!! 

The Urbo's were a little behind with sending out their Christmas cards this year.  After the game, I got a phone call from Haley, my future sis in law, asking me to awkwardly take and send a picture of me with my ring by my face for the card. Huh??
Fun fact: Travis has 2 brothers. They all proposed in 2011 and we are all getting married in 2012! YAY! 
Anyway...the idea for the card was to have all us girls with our new rings. Sure, it's cute. But awk. Taking pictures by myself is one of my most hated things (unless it's funny) so Travis was loving every second of taking this pic in the lobby of our hotel. With people watching mind you. Oh, and we had been drinking ALL day. 
"Merry Christmas future family members and closet friends. I'm excited to be a part of the fam. Can you tell I've been drinking since 11 am? Sure hope not!"

On Monday I was super pumped about going out with my favorite girls for dinner and the Nutcracker, which I had never seen. 
This is the same pic of us but I had to do some clever cropping and zooming so the Britt and Baby G would be happy with the pic! 

Dinner was scrumptious, the experience was great, and the company was top notch, but I gotta be honest...

the Nutcracker was a big ole bore in my unsophisticated opinion.  BIG bore.

 I was on the edge of my seat only because I was waiting for one of those fruity ballerina's to split their pants or slip. Never happened.  They just kept on dancing....and dancing...and dancing....and dancing.  I don't know about you but this girl needs some action, hell, even a few stinkin' words would do to keep me entertained! As it turns out, the ballet is clearly not my thing. Loved the champagne part though! And the dressing up and nice din and good friends part! 
Can you tell I had to get versa sprayed twice?? Yep. That's why I look like a Comanche.
Still have an unwavering love for that machine though! 

Hmm...what else did I do between Friday and Monday?

I wrapped presents but didn't make them as cutesie as I normally would. I'm saving the big guns for my first Christmas as a Mrs. next year, duh. I used very non Christmas-y paper this year. I am in love with the paper I got at the Nutcracker Market (the one ballet thing I actually like - the one that involves shopping) 

Red ribbons are festive enough right?? I thought so too. 

Cheetah print? Yes, please!
And I wrapped all Trav's in Camo. Now, normally I loathe camo unless it's being used while hunting but this paper was just too cute to pass on and well, Travis likes camo and I like Travis...C'est la vie.
(Yea, google how to spell that too...I would have def spelled it "saylavee". Wrong. Thank God I teach 5 year olds.) 

Oh and just in the event you may have forgotten...I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!! And this is my new favorite date in the entire world.
I should totes be a prof photog don't you think?? HA!

WOWZA, that was long! Come back later...there's more! Apparently, I've been a busy little beaver.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's official...


The day I walk down the aisle and marry Travis!

We will be getting married at a beautiful venue near Sugar Land where my very best friend married her husband. SO excited we will be sharing that! Thanks Casey for not caring a bit that I went and copied you!

The venue is quite popular. At first I was very against getting married there because it seems like literally everyone we know gets married there. For a while I was set on a wedding in the San Antonio or Austin area, there's do denying how stunning the land is in those areas. Anyone would be lucky to have their special day take place in such a beautiful setting. However, after realizing the difficulty of having a wedding in a town other than my own (and the costs of back and forth trips and hotel rooms for my huge family, etc.) we decided to have a wedding closer to home. My parents were definitely all for this idea.

The venue we chose is gorgeous. It's a perfecr mix of Texas and chic. Perfect for me and Travis. And let's be honest here, it's just so dang practical! A one stop shop really. I am so excited we will be getting married in the beautiful understated chapel and walking just feet to party the night away!

Another amazing granddad is marrying us! I was so thrilled he agreed and it will make the day just that more special.

288 days!! Seems like such a long time to wait!

But ohmahword, I am beyond excited! I'm fairly certain I won't hve to worry about how to occupy my time....sugar plums?? Who even knows what those are?! Visions of flowers and dresses and plans are all that are dancing through my head!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Step in their shoes...

So after a long day of traveling back from Cabo on Sunday night, my fam gets on the bus that'll take us to our car. We were ready to be home and really ready for some normal American food (food in Mexico just doesn't cut it for this carb lover). 

When we pull into the lot a man frantically grabs his luggage and jumps off the bus, choosing not to let the bus driver lady take him to his car.  By the time we get to our car and unload our bags off the bus we realize one is missing.  My bag.  Super.  The man that was in such a giant hurry must have grabbed it by mistake.  My dad high-tails is around the parking lot looking for the thief. No luck.  
Black luggage?? Rookie mistake. 

I was annoyed. Really annoyed.  I cursed his name for a solid 10 minutes.  I was still pretty ticked about his careless mistake the next day.  I had already devised plans of ways to nail this guy when I caught him selling all my bag's little wonders on eBay.  This bag y'all contained all my favorite shorts, 2 amazing necklaces (and several less amazing but equally loved necklaces) a fancy bottle of tequila (party!), numerous super cute sandals and wedges, 100s of pics I took - ha, who am I kidding, I took like 3 - every good bra I own (girls you know how pricey these are!) my beloved chi, and one AH-mazing piece of art some might call a dress.

Well, the very next morning I got a phone call, 2 actually, and a message...  

From Mr. Rudy.  The honest apple calling me about his mix up.  He apologized endlessly and explained that he jumped off the bus in a hurry to make it to his granddaughters first dance recital in time.  I immediately went from cursing his name to hoping he made it in time!

Moral of the story: It's true what they say, you never really know where someone's coming from until you've walked in their shoes. Oh, and NEVER buy black luggage. 

This homegirl will be making her hub tote around a hot pink bag from now on.

Santa, did you get that??

Still a LOT little annoyed that I have to drive all the way to Tinbuktu to pick up my bag (that lost and found can't seem to locate at the moment) but I'll have 45 minutes, make that 2 hours with traffic, to let that little lesson learned sink in.

Don't be so quick to get bitchy (or pass judgement).

Dually noted.

On an amazing happy note....

my kinder babes are loving Ms. Landin right now...because they have been playing all morning.  Literally. All because of one simple little phrase....


And will continue to be Friday in my life until January 2nd. Oh and I've racked up gift cards to last me through the next year...anyone want to meet me for some Cheesecake Factory? A date a the nail place? Do a little shopping?

Will never say it enough - best.job.ever. 

This little life of mine...pure LOVE.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Pinteresting

Today I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting.

I'm going to do a "Make it My Own" addition. Because, well, I linked up for MiMO on Monday and I never got around to actually doing a post.  I had completely forgotten until I recieved an email about not linking, blah, blah, blah. My bad. Guess I'm not welcome at that link party anymore.

Here are some outfits via Pinterest I have recreated.  Finding fun ways to wear all the clothes already in my closet is possibly one of my favorite things to look for on Pinterest.  

Here's a few I've done. 

Love this color combo and finding ANY outfit to wear that necklace (J. Crew) with.

Cute and comfy...this is basically my uniform. Jean, cardi, necklace, flats.  I borrowed this awesome necklace to recreate this exact outfit and I don't exactly intend to give it back.  Actually I saw this on eBay so I'm going to need to purchase it. 
Oh, I also wore a teeny double wrap belt around my waist because my cardi is a little largo.

Crazy color combo I was a little unsure about pulling off, but I loved it! Wearing it with that hat this summer for sure!

Except for those dang leopard flats that I was in search for months...then I see my mom wearing the perfect pair (she snagged from Rack Room Shoes)! Hoping she wrapped a pair up for me under that Christmas tree. I was not subtle about wanting them!

With a more mustard-y skirt (Loft), sans tights and scarf.  SO cute! I wore this to work the Monday after I got engaged....gotta look cute to show off new bling, right?!

I love this combo. I've done it with cut off shorts and jeans a boots - far too many times!

I look JUST like her when I wear this outfit. Really.
I actually was wearing this exact outfit when we got engaged! YAY! Been a favorite outfit for at least a year now! My fav black shirt (from WALMART of all places!!) is getting seriosuly faded....sad day.

LOVE this! My skirt is a maxi I stole from Gap for like $14! And found an almost identical top at Forevs for like $8. Yes and yes.

And this outfit will be on my body SOON.  I have that exact shirt (Forevs), vest (Loft) and belt. Not sure if the belt will make the cut but I'm going to try it!

Now....if only I had pictures of all these outfits...

Yesterday I was dressed cute and I said to myself..."Mandal, today is the day you start taking freakin pics so you can remember these for next year."

Guess what?  Def didn't get a pic and can't even remember in the slightest what I was wearing.  FAIL.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To: Mandell Love: Santa

Dear Santa, 

When Travis asked me to be his wife he satisfied every single wish I could imagine. 
If by being his wife that also means we'll have six a few babies.

BUT...there's a few things that have been on my wish list for quite sometime and they're going to stay there until the day they become mine - if that day should ever happen.  If you and your little helpers want to whip these up at anytime between now and December 25, 2011 the end of my life, that'd be just super.

Here's just a few randoms...

I didn't include prices.  Your elves make all these goodies anyway, right?

We can start with these things:
First of all, how do I not already have this scarf? I've been wondering that for years.
Secondly, diamond ears want these BAD.
Next, a camera - ok, so I don't really need this until I have babies - we know picture taking rarely happens in my life.
Lastly, my future 18 year old daughter will need my Louis bag to start her freshman year at Tech.

From there let's head on to these...
I'll go ahead and take one of each color/style for both of these items.

Now here's some items I can never have to many of because they get lost of broken on the reg.
Lifetime supply, please and thank you. 

While we're in the giving spirit an unlimited expense account at each of these places would be very, very much appreciated.

And let's just go ahead and throw in some fur babies for good measure.
Goats that look like my Mill girl and puppies! Any large breed puppy will be accepted but Trav prefers retrievers. 

Hmmm....I can't really think of much else at the moment except maybe an awesome soccer football mom car big enough for all my cute boys I'm sure to have one day. Oh, and maybe my dream home eventually. But other than that can't think of a thing! 

Much love, 

P.S. - I've been really good this year! Really, really good. 

P.P.S - I already have everything that I need and way, way more.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Y'all....that "Catch Up" post was def not for my personal sorry to bore you to tears with that one!!

I meant to post it on my Kinder blog...but I worked on the post via iPhone on the plane to Cabo and apparently it was under the wrong blog address...


I'm a big fat loser.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, were off to CABO for a long weekend of this...
and this...
crossing this off my bucket list! YAY!

Dear God, After weeks of waking up to Cabo fishing reports (Trav is quite the researcher) please let him catch one of these bad boys. He has assured me they are "killing it off the coast" and there is no doubt it will add to our lifetime of happiness.
Love, Mandell
and this...
and if there's time most importantly this...

I am so excited to watch these people marry each other under the Cabo moon,
and I am SO excited they gave us an excuse to travel afar for such an occassion.  (This was my idea...just sayin' - but I was totally kidding when I told them they should have a destination wedding, never thought they'd do it! So when I got the phone call from my bro saying to "pack my bags" I was just a smidge excited!)

And hey, if we have a little too much fun, drink a little too much tequila, or I come back oh, I don't know, married or something we can just...

George says it's ok!

Hopefully, I'll have lots of great pictures to share with you...but chances are, I will not. Remember? I suck at taking pictures. 

Think of me on your lunch breaks ladies! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best ever.

I have the best friend in the whole world. You may have read about how she saved my life here. She really is amazing...and this is WAYY over due but it is oh so worthy of a post!

I was soooo exhausted in this pic!
She may be just as excited about me getting engaged as I am!  We have only discussed our weddings and our future lives together for like, ever! I am also over the moon about the idea of having our babies together (unless she wants to start right now which I would definitely be A-OK with!)

She made me feel so special when she delivered these to my house when I got back from Rockport the weekend we got engaged!

Check out this amazingness...


AMAZING right?!

And wouldn't you know, both me and my mom cried when we saw these!

She is one of my few friends that appreciates a pretty packages and she had these yummies wrapped up so cute with a big bow, a glittery "U" (my new favorite letter!!!!) and the sweetest "recipe for love" measuring spoons! -wish I had a picture!-

And just so y'all know...I will be proudly stealing the last name Urbanovsky. Yep, it's crazy long, and hard to say, and it doesn't exactly "ring" with my first name that's already odd...but sharing a name with Trav is one of the things I am seriously MOST excited about!

It means he's stuck with me for-ev-er.....BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA

The second I get married I will be choosing checks instead of plastic because
I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to sign them:

"Mrs. Travis L. Urbanovsky"

Old fashion? Yes. But it will be happening!

And my kinder babies? I will be "Mrs. Urbo" to them, just like his mama! I've never had a nickname before....this boy is seriously making every single stupid dream I ever had (like wanting a nickname, growing pumpkins, and smoking bees - to name a few) come true!