Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, were off to CABO for a long weekend of this...
and this...
crossing this off my bucket list! YAY!

Dear God, After weeks of waking up to Cabo fishing reports (Trav is quite the researcher) please let him catch one of these bad boys. He has assured me they are "killing it off the coast" and there is no doubt it will add to our lifetime of happiness.
Love, Mandell
and this...
and if there's time most importantly this...

I am so excited to watch these people marry each other under the Cabo moon,
and I am SO excited they gave us an excuse to travel afar for such an occassion.  (This was my idea...just sayin' - but I was totally kidding when I told them they should have a destination wedding, never thought they'd do it! So when I got the phone call from my bro saying to "pack my bags" I was just a smidge excited!)

And hey, if we have a little too much fun, drink a little too much tequila, or I come back oh, I don't know, married or something we can just...

George says it's ok!

Hopefully, I'll have lots of great pictures to share with you...but chances are, I will not. Remember? I suck at taking pictures. 

Think of me on your lunch breaks ladies! :)


  1. Awesome!! Have a great time. I've never been to Cabo. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Super jealous of you!! Have a wonderful vacation, it def. looks like you will!


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