Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To: Mandell Love: Santa

Dear Santa, 

When Travis asked me to be his wife he satisfied every single wish I could imagine. 
If by being his wife that also means we'll have six a few babies.

BUT...there's a few things that have been on my wish list for quite sometime and they're going to stay there until the day they become mine - if that day should ever happen.  If you and your little helpers want to whip these up at anytime between now and December 25, 2011 the end of my life, that'd be just super.

Here's just a few randoms...

I didn't include prices.  Your elves make all these goodies anyway, right?

We can start with these things:
First of all, how do I not already have this scarf? I've been wondering that for years.
Secondly, diamond studs...my ears want these BAD.
Next, a camera - ok, so I don't really need this until I have babies - we know picture taking rarely happens in my life.
Lastly, my future 18 year old daughter will need my Louis bag to start her freshman year at Tech.

From there let's head on to these...
I'll go ahead and take one of each color/style for both of these items.

Now here's some items I can never have to many of because they get lost of broken on the reg.
Lifetime supply, please and thank you. 

While we're in the giving spirit an unlimited expense account at each of these places would be very, very much appreciated.

And let's just go ahead and throw in some fur babies for good measure.
Goats that look like my Mill girl and puppies! Any large breed puppy will be accepted but Trav prefers retrievers. 

Hmmm....I can't really think of much else at the moment except maybe an awesome soccer football mom car big enough for all my cute boys I'm sure to have one day. Oh, and maybe my dream home eventually. But other than that can't think of a thing! 

Much love, 

P.S. - I've been really good this year! Really, really good. 

P.P.S - I already have everything that I need and way, way more.

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  1. Great list! As discussed aviators are a necessity:) Love the puppy too - SO cute!!! I hope you get a couple of these things under your tree!


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