Friday, December 16, 2011

Step in their shoes...

So after a long day of traveling back from Cabo on Sunday night, my fam gets on the bus that'll take us to our car. We were ready to be home and really ready for some normal American food (food in Mexico just doesn't cut it for this carb lover). 

When we pull into the lot a man frantically grabs his luggage and jumps off the bus, choosing not to let the bus driver lady take him to his car.  By the time we get to our car and unload our bags off the bus we realize one is missing.  My bag.  Super.  The man that was in such a giant hurry must have grabbed it by mistake.  My dad high-tails is around the parking lot looking for the thief. No luck.  
Black luggage?? Rookie mistake. 

I was annoyed. Really annoyed.  I cursed his name for a solid 10 minutes.  I was still pretty ticked about his careless mistake the next day.  I had already devised plans of ways to nail this guy when I caught him selling all my bag's little wonders on eBay.  This bag y'all contained all my favorite shorts, 2 amazing necklaces (and several less amazing but equally loved necklaces) a fancy bottle of tequila (party!), numerous super cute sandals and wedges, 100s of pics I took - ha, who am I kidding, I took like 3 - every good bra I own (girls you know how pricey these are!) my beloved chi, and one AH-mazing piece of art some might call a dress.

Well, the very next morning I got a phone call, 2 actually, and a message...  

From Mr. Rudy.  The honest apple calling me about his mix up.  He apologized endlessly and explained that he jumped off the bus in a hurry to make it to his granddaughters first dance recital in time.  I immediately went from cursing his name to hoping he made it in time!

Moral of the story: It's true what they say, you never really know where someone's coming from until you've walked in their shoes. Oh, and NEVER buy black luggage. 

This homegirl will be making her hub tote around a hot pink bag from now on.

Santa, did you get that??

Still a LOT little annoyed that I have to drive all the way to Tinbuktu to pick up my bag (that lost and found can't seem to locate at the moment) but I'll have 45 minutes, make that 2 hours with traffic, to let that little lesson learned sink in.

Don't be so quick to get bitchy (or pass judgement).

Dually noted.

On an amazing happy note....

my kinder babes are loving Ms. Landin right now...because they have been playing all morning.  Literally. All because of one simple little phrase....


And will continue to be Friday in my life until January 2nd. Oh and I've racked up gift cards to last me through the next year...anyone want to meet me for some Cheesecake Factory? A date a the nail place? Do a little shopping?

Will never say it enough - best.job.ever. 

This little life of mine...pure LOVE.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bag, glad he didn't do it with bad intentions!! I love the hot pink bags. I think those might be a must for your next vaycay!

  2. Awwww, what a crazy story!! Such a great lesson, though...not to jump to conclusions!!

    I'm glad you are getting your luggage back!!


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