Monday, June 10, 2013

ready for business

The time has come!

After years upon years of "wasting time" doodling, and after much encouragement and enthusiasm I've finally decided to take it on as a little more than a day-dreaming hobby.

Although, this really is more like a dream.

So excited to share it with you!

Introducing: Urban Sky Designs

Together, with my husband, we create the perfect addition for your wedding or home.

A few things we offer:

Custom Lettered Signs
Chalk Boards
Photo Backdrops
Nursery Art
Jewelry Dishes and Dinnerware
Painted Antler Sheds
Business Logo Design
Tattoo Design (yes, crazy right?!)
Digital Prints
Salvaged Picture Frames

Don't see it all in the shop yet? Just email us!

Here's a little glimpse...

All handmade and 100% personalized.

Check out the shop here. Or by clicking on that cute little shopping cart up there! 

Use code: GRANDOPENING for 20% off all purchases over $15!
Good now until July 6th. the mean time, SHARE AWAY!