Wednesday, November 30, 2011

THE rock!

I mentioned that when I first saw the ring, I was a little taken aback. I had sent him at least 5 pictures of rings I loved. The same ring I had wanted for who knows how long. Simple. Skinniest band you can possibly get with a round solitaire. 

Here's one of the few pics I sent him about 5 months ago.
but with a round center stone
I assumed since I had sent him pictures he'd go with that. Simple and easy.

Well, I was wrong. Obviously, it was absolutely gorgeous but I didn't know what to think at first because it was so different than anything I'd thought about before. I was so dead set on what I had always thought I wanted.

He bought the diamond first then found a setting. He explained that he and jeweler tried the diamond on multiple settings like the ones in the pictures I sent and they agreed that the skinny band didn't support the weight of the diamond. Then he told me the minute they put it on this setting he knew it was the one. He said it looked like me and had a vintage feel to it that he knew I'd like. 

Remember the little breakdown I had the morning after the proposal? Well after that little episode I was feeling 1000% better about everything. Once he explained why he picked the ring I started to love it. I mean LOVE it. And now? I am absolutely OBSESSED with it.

Want to see??! OK! 
in the box - via crappy iPhone shots (like all my terrible pics)
and the diff angles on my finger.


That phrase comes out of my mouth at least 15 times a day. Y'all this baby even sparkles in the dark! Love! 

At first sight I didn't think it was "me".  I am not a very blingy person and this was just so much! But it is safe to say this baby is NEVER leaving my finger now. (Let's pray it stays on there forever anyway, this new rock is adding plenty of anxiety to my life currently, I check at least a million times a day that the ring is on my finger and then that the center stone is there. So paranoid!)

Ironically, I have received 2 random messages from girl friends saying that they can't believe how perfect my ring is and how it totally "fits" me.  I just tried on a couple solitaire skinny band rings, like what I had always wanted and I hate the way they look on my finger! As always, Trav was right. He honestly knows me better than I do I think.

Jeezus....have I mentioned how lucky I am??

On a side note, we're going to have to make a custom wedding band. Have any of y'all had experience with that? I want something simple and definitely understated. Oh, and insurance for this bad boy is OUTRAGEOUS! $700 a year?? Nah-uh, not happening. Any ideas on where to insure this for less, surely that's not normal! All suggestions are welcome! Please and thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Now, I am generally an over excitable person. I have thought about every aspect of a proposal, wedding, marriage, family, etc. more than the average person (trust me, it's an obsession) and I imagined my reaction to becoming a fiance to be much different. It was a feeling I had never experienced and I had no idea how to show that emotion. Simply put, I was a wreck. A big ole HOTT MESS. 

I was SO excited and happier than I had ever been in my entire life.  It was literally like Travis was fulfilling all of my dreams for life in one simple question.  I have always wanted to be be a wife and mother. Like always and forever, since I was probably 5. But it almost seemed too easy. Was it for real? Was that all it took to have my life changed forever? Just a simple little question?  

One second I was crying and jumping up and down, the next I was feeling like I was going to barf. I just kept telling Trav I thought I was going to be sick and he was starting to get a little nervous that I wasn't sure about this whole thing, poor guy. (Have I mentioned that he is SUCH a good man to put up with me?) The millions of wedding ideas I've had stored in my mind for 10 plus years we're flowing out like crazy. I immediately started worrying about how on earth we'd ever have time to plan our own wedding with so many other weddings happening in our life. I was speechless but all I wanted to do was talk and tell Travis how much I loved him and how excited I was. My mind was spinning. I was freaking out. I never freak out!

  I always thought I would be so excited to call our friends and share the good news but a phone call just didn't seem appropriate. I wanted to run and hug all their necks as soon as I could but we were not near them and I wanted to soak in every bit of the weekend with my new fiance! We sat in Trav's truck on speaker phone and called friends and family for at least 2 or 3 hours. Just as soon as I stopped crying we'd call someone else and the tears would come rolling back. To say I was utterly exhausted by the end of the night, would have been putting it way too lightly.  

Of course, I didn't sleep a wink all night. Ideas were rolling through my mind, I would begin to fall asleep and I'd have an urge to google the most random things (wedding rings for Trav, venues, bands, etc.) and constant dings from my facebook push notifications were keeping me up...I wanted to read them all right then!   

The next morning I woke Travis up (at like 7) and just started bawling. (I know y'all, I was a crazy person!) I told him how I was sad I wasn't completely surprised and how I loved the ring he picked out but was expecting something completely different (like the pictures I'd sent him). I wasn't sure how I'd make a wedding band out of my grandmothers diamonds for it like I had always wanted - something he didn't know. I sobbed and explained that we were so busy this year there would be no time to plan this wedding I've always dreamed of, I cried because I felt so silly and ungrateful acting the way I was, and I cried (and cried and couldn't stop crying) when I explained that I had gotten used to saying goodbye to my boyfriend but I was NOT used to saying goodbye to my fiance!

As always, Travis calmly listened to my craziness and explained that everything would all work out perfectly. He told me why he wanted to be my husband and why the weekend and Rockport was so special to him (and I actually heard every word this time!) He explained why he chose the setting for the ring, why he wanted to propose the way he did and told me that no matter how crazy I was acting he'd always want to marry me. What a relief! I must have asked Travis 10 times if he still wanted to marry me. He had never seen me such a wreck (and hopefully never will again!)

That melt down was the best thing that could've happened right then. We laid there for a little bit longer just letting it all sink in and then I was back normal again, thank the Lord! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Travis ALWAYS has the right words to say at the right time. There is no doubt he was created specifically for me. 

We spent an amazing day together, just the two of us, which rarely happens. We got breakfast and did some shopping (my favorite activity) in all the cute shops of Rockport. I am really regretting not buying a picture we saw and loved for our first home. hoping it'll still be there next trip. We went back to the house, rested, snacked, and then went fishing (Trav's favorite activity). It was perfect. (all of it except for the boating accident we had which I'm pretty certain left me with a concussion - just what my already jacked up brain needed!)

Because obviously we'd go fishing the day after we get engaged! Love it! Wish this pic was with the reel Trav got me complete with pink line! Oh well. :)
I couldn't wait to see my momma and dad on Sunday!!!  We met our parents half way and enjoyed lunch together. After, we went to his sweet Granny Betty's for coffee and dessert. Then, I sadly told my new fiance good bye - but timing couldn't have been better because I got to see him just 2 days later!

I let my dad drive my car home...I was EXHAUSTED! I've slept like a baby ever since that night!

AND I am not acting crazy anymore!! Halle-freakin-lujah!! I am probably the happiest most excited person you will encounter these days! The only thing that could make me happier would be having Travis here. I am beyond blessed to have him in my life!

3rd Times a Charm

Rockport, Texas.

Hands down one of my favorite places on earth. I have grown up enjoying this part of the Texas coast and have been sharing this love with my sweet friends since the moment we could drive (and even before).

A weekend in Rockport includes all of my favorite things.  Friends, family, fun, drinking, sun, water, porch sitting, relaxing, music, can't be beat.

Rockport brings people together.  

You see, Rockport is a really special place to me and Travis.  We spent our first weekend (after only one quick, friendly date) there with all my best friends.  We had a great time! A few days later, however, I called things off with him.

Fast forward a few months (after I realized I made a GI-normous mistake).  Travis invited me and my besties to "C.A.S.T. for Kids" this amazing program where you pair up with disables children and go fishing on the coast. I can safely say this was the weekend I knew I'd marry him someday. It was cold and rainy but we had a blast reeling in tons of fish (that Travis caught of course) and the kids we're loving every minute of it. (And no lie, I was loving seeing a man be so incredibly into an activity like this) Later that evening we went to his bosses house, John and his wife Rhonda, for an unforgettable night of fun and drinking and dancing. These people have now become some of the people dearest to me. The awesome bar set up at their house on the canal is called the "Sand Bar" - it's by far my favorite bar to party at and drinks (and delicous snacks) are always plentiful!

I can't remember exactly but it may have been this Rockport weekend Travis told me all he wanted for his birthday was for me to be his girlfriend to which I responded "no, not yet". HAHA. I had this crazy idea that until I was absolutely certain I was going to marry the boy I was with, I didn't want to officially be in a relationship.  (2 weeks later I caved and told him he could be my boyfriend)

So Trav, poor guy, was 0 and 2 at this point. First time we spent the weekend together, broke things off with him; asked me to be his girlfriend, told him no.

Since that trip we have spent multiple incredible weekends together in Rockport, the bay in general, is our place.

And as luck would have it, his losing record changed....when he asked me to be his the same location we stayed up talking for hours and shared our first kiss over a year earlier, I didn't hesitate for a second. It was a question I had waited almost our entire relationship to answer.

I wish I could remember all the sweet words he spoke to me the night of November 17, 2011. But all I heard was the question that would make me is wife. The question that will always be my favorite question ever asked.


The day I got engaged.

As I posted before, I had a feeling a proposal was in the very near future. I waited each weekend in October thinking "maybe this is the weekend". October came and went and before I knew it November had practically vanished. Our schedules are about to get crazy busy (out of town/country weddings basically ever non-holiday weekend from now until April) and because a dear friend mentioned that he had planned to pop the question before Thanksgiving I had a pretty good idea it would happen.  

On the way to Rockport I had convinced myself this wasn't going to be the weekend. I was sure he was just trying to throw me off and I was positive he hadn't asked my dad or purchased a ring but the moment I pulled up to our cute little bay house and he walked outside to meet me, I knew what was about to happen.

I wish I could remember much after that.  He walked me into the house, sat me down, which instantly led to tears...the rest unfortunately is a huge blur, he talked to me for a bit, got a knee, pulled out a box, asked me to marry him, I said "YES!", and just like that, we were engaged! I have no photo documentation of details or anything but I have this big honka rock on my finger that is a constant reminder of the night I became a FIANCE!!


Bear with me...these next few posts are for my memory - they're lacking all the fun of a typical post like pictures, etc.  Those will come soon!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Story

I know I promised a post on the engagement and it's coming!! I also have about 10 more thankful for posts (that I'm still doing even though Thanksgiving is over) and other wedding related news but I thought I'd first start with the story of me and Trav. This is more for my benefit than yours but feel free to read along...I happen to be absolutely in love with the way this story pans out.

In college Travis and I were both in serious relationships. We didn't know each other but had mutual friends. My boyfriend at the time lived with a guy named Wade.  Wade and Travis were friends from class and I remember this big red head (enter: Travis) coming over to the boys house to study or get notes, etc. from Wade.  I've always loved a big guy and strangely a guy with red hair (I mean, do you know a red head that is not a total blast?!? I don't!) but I obviously I didn't think much of it because I had a bf.

There is no doubt we partied at the same parties and frequented the same bars all through college but these encounters never really stuck (I was dating a really good guy and he was dating a witch of a girl) we had other things on our mind.

Fast forward a couple years.  We were both out of college. I had decided to go out with Wade for a birthday celebration of a guy I didn't know.  As soon as we got to the house we were meeting at out comes this incredibly drunk red head, the same guy I remembered from college. I was no longer in a relationship and I immediately was attracted to this guy that was being, simply put, an asshole. As soon as we got in separate cars I asked numerous times, 'Who is that asshole with the red hair?" I remember going on about what a jerk he was being (I couldn't tell you how he was being a jerk, chances are he wasn't. I am not one to outwardly flirt with people and I guess I was annoyed because he was not showing the slightest interest in me, which I found read as jerky.) Wade informed me his serious girlfriend had just broken up with him, he totaled his brand new King Ranch, and one of his retrievers had run off ...all in the same week. He was living the life of a sad country song and he was in town to drink his sorrows away!

After that night some serious facebook stalking ensued for about a week or so.  I learned from creeping that he lived in Victoria, about a an hour and 45 minutes down the road from me, but came in to town quite a bit.  I was in talks with my ex boyfriend at the time and nothing much came out of the facebook stalking. He went back to being out of sight, out of mind.

Fast forward another couple of years and I'm reading a message from him. I was very excited but there was a lot of beating around the bush. I wasn't quite sure the point of the emails we were sending.  They weren't flirty or even chit chatty.  From what I remember they were literally about nothing. After about a week of waiting for him to ask me out he finally said he was coming through town and asked if I wanted to grab lunch with him.  This in my mind was a very friendly outing, nothing more. After lunch he walked me to my door, as soon as the door closed I did one of those silent screaming, jumping up and down bits. I had found the perfect man and I was SOO excited! 

I randomly invited him to come with me and all my best friends to my families bay house in Rockport, TX the following weekend. This was risky. We are a very close knit group and rarely have new people join without some ridicule. I would never normally do this but I knew there was something about him that would just fit. And I never though he would actually come! I was nervous the whole way there and was actually wishing I would have never invited him.

Not to my surprise, my best guy friends immediately formed man crushes on him.  We had a great time that weekend and I was right, he fit right in. The boys told me on or way home that I better not mess this one up for them. (He had 100 hobbies they were envious of AND a boat - it was love.) 

The distance and another boy I had just gone out with was just one of the factors that I worried about when thinking of starting a relationship with Travis. With my friends voices echoing in my mind I sent Travis a long, dreaded text (I know, I suck) saying that I really liked him but that the timing was off and that it made me really sad because I knew I would regret it. He simply responded with "Ok. Thanks for being honest with me."

I had never been let off that easy before. His simple response made it so hard to not want to retract everything I had just told him.

Sure enough, 4 months later I found myself sitting shotgun driving home from NOLA with the "other boy" wishing with everything in me that I had just spent the weekend in New Orleans with Travis.  I FB crept on him basically the whole drive home and re-read all our past text convos.  When I read the the part saying "I know I'm going to regret this" I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

Shortly after, I found the courage to break things off with the other guy and couldn't wait to try my luck with Travis. You can read about the life changing second chance here.

I mentioned before that I knew if he cared enough to respond to my desperate text, I knew I had it in the bag. I was right. I can count on probably one hand the weekends we haven't spent together since that very text. And the rest as they history.....GOT HIM!
(the desperate text went something like this: "You know what I'm dying for right now? Your crab dip. Warm. With crackers. mmmmmm" to which he responded "hahaha that was random. what's up?" Crab dip is just one of the many delicious things Travis makes. Ladies, this boy can cook.)    

One problem, he was still living almost 2 hours away. I hated it but we made it work, I actually got to the point where I loved how we scheduled time for each other.  We'd meet at his bay house in Palacios on Wednesdays (a mini vacay to look forward to mid week, every week) and usually spent weekends in Houston.

Then, a few months into our relationship he called on a Tuesday saying he was coming to Houston for the night to take me to dinner and "talk about some stuff" I immediately got super excited. I knew he was getting some new great opportunities at work and I had convinced myself he was going to tell me he was moving to Houston. I already had plans for where he should move (into my apartment complex, duh) and how amazing life with this guy close by would be. Well, I was dead wrong.

We met after school at my parent's house. I had never seen him so nervous. He explained that he had this amazing opportunity at work.  A position he had hoped to have by his late 30s. A position that could potentially put me in "house wife" status sooner than imagined (that's how he sold it to me, he knows me well, haha). An opportunity that would move him from less than 100 miles away to 300 miles away. To a town I'd never heard of, Carrizo Springs, basically in Mexico. (yea, that terrifying country next to us) He told me how much he liked me (thought he was going to drop the L bomb but that didn't come until later! ha) and how he really wanted me to be in his life but he'd understand if I wasn't willing to put in the time and effort.

 I told him to do it. I absolutely hated the idea but I knew it was for the best. I hugged him for 5 plus minutes so he wouldn't see my tears.

 And here we are today.

We're ENGAGED and so, so, SO happy and full of love and excitement. hasn't been easy. In fact, at times it was really, really hard.  I never once doubted that we could do it but I'd be lying if I said there weren't tears. Probably way more than Trav's even aware of. There was a period of time that I would cry basically every time I got off the phone with him. And of course, the only person that I wanted to comfort me was him. 300 miles away. There were times I just wanted to give everything else up to be with him.

Simply put, distance sucks. BAD.

But we did it. We made it work just like he always promised we would. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First guest post!!

Check it out!! Today I am guest posting over at The Miskell's for Britney while she is busy entertianing a houseful of people! I secretly can't wait to be doing the same someday!!!

As promised a post(s) on my engagement are coming SOON...I just still need a few minutes to catch my breath after a whirlwind weekend and I still have get through the rest of today (videos and fun centers are in order here in kinder on this wonderfully rainy day!)

Monday, November 21, 2011


Want to know what I did this weekend!??

Oh you know....just got ENGAGED!!!! 

I promise a post about all the happenings very soon! Tonight though I'm celebrating with girlfriends and catching up on sleep! I had NO idea how exhausting becoming engaged could be!


I don't think it's all quite sunk in yet, but ladies....I hope you like wedding talk because for the next oh, year or so this little bloggity blog will likely be all about my plans to create my dream party wedding that will make me the wife to the man that I am certain was put on this earth just for me! 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

W is for Weddings

I am thankful people still believe in the sanctity of marriage.
When so many people (enter Kim K) in the world take the commitment so loosely it's refreshing to be surrounded by people who feel the exact opposite. They are such great examples unlike this one:
I'm fairly certain her choice of headpiece didn't help extend the 72 day marriage...

Even though some pictures like this make my stomach turn a bit, it reminds you there's a perfect person for everyone...
 And images like this remind you why it's worth it.
sweetest thing to see...old folks holding hands!
Y'all my grandma is still so in love with my grandpa it's almost disgusting. Like teenager, eyes glazed over, can't stop gushing over (she's also very theatrical so this doesn't help her cause) I need to dig up some pics just to show you how bad she is but I will say, it is pretty nice to see her like that after 62 years of marriage.  I hope in 50 years I'm even half as happy and in love!

The actual event of a wedding ain't to bad either...good free food, good free drinks, good people, good music, good party, sign me up! I big fat L.O.V.E weddings. It could even be argued that I have too much fun at weddings...
Yep...ruined that dress.

AND....let us not forget the excitement that will ensue the moment I get to plan mine! EEEEEEeeee!
(poor Trav, he's a good man)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A is for Awesome People

I'll make this short and sweet today.

Today I am very thankful for specialist.  The awesome people that help me do my job.

I've said before I have the best job in the world...and most days even though it can be tiring and busy, it's actually a pretty easy job (or comes easily to me anyway). Today though, is a different day. Something I've never had to do before.  I have this sweet little one in my class and from day one I have noticed that something wasn't quite right. After months of documentation today is the day we are going to sit that child's parents down and tell them point blank.  Hearing what we have to share I'm certain will be very hard to take in. I am SOO nervous y'all. I feel like I may be heading to tear central and well, crying at your job is just not that professional!

I am so thankful I don't have to do this alone and those specialist will be there to help!

Luckily, HH is on the schedule for this afternoon and it's not coming a minute too soon. In fact, I wish I had this in my lunchbox to calm my nerves! 

A side note from the teacher:
Dear Parents,
Take some time to compare your child and their behaviors to other children their age. Do this from the time they are young! If you think something might not be quite right, it probably isn't. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't excuse behaviors not typical of others their age just because you think they might be the smartest kid you've ever met or the most well behaved. Be honest with yourself.  If you have concerns ask questions, get opinions, see a pediatrician. Don't let their kindergarten teacher be the first to bring this to your attention. The earlier you get these things under wraps the better off your child (and you!) will be.
Sincerest regards,
 Ms. Landin

Okay, off my soap box.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Doesn't JIC stand for "just in case"? I feel like we used to say that back in the day...anywho...

Here's a short story:
Back in August I was in the car with a bunch of girl friends talking about random stuff and I asked, "When is Travis going to propose?" and my friend Britt blurts out, 'before Thanksgiving!!". The car went silent, I was silent, and I instinctively grabbed the first thing I could find (a sunglasses case) and I hit her in the head with it. Hard. (because obviously "When is Travis proposing?" was a rhetorical question!!) She cried (I think more because she's pregs and less because it hurt) and I cried (I have no idea why). And then it was over. And we all went on to excitedly discuss Trav and I getting engaged.

What are the chances this scene could be reproduced?? Slim to freakin' none in these frigid 84 degree temps!

Obvi I was SO excited but now I knew and I was very sad about that, because who doesn't want to be surprised?!? I told Travis that I knew. So, I am like more than 99.99% percent positive it will not happen this weekend - the last weekend before Thanksgiving (because he has told me in the past he has a plan and this weekends trip was just pulled together by me so I know it's not "part of his plan", and I am certain he doesn't know my ring size, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't asked my dear ol' daddy yet...) 


that .01% of me has a date with the nail place after school today (and probably every week from now until it actually happens!) You know....JUST IN CASE!!
because a sparkler like this should only adorn a manicured finger

Better safe than sorry, right?!

I is for iPhone

I am definitely thankful for this thing.

Even though it's the old school iPhone 3.

Seriously y'all, how did we ever live without this? 

Up until I got this 8th wonder of the world, I had never even had a camera phone. Nokia for me all the way! I hated techie gadgets and assumed I would be returning this one within hours of purchasing. I was SO wrong. 

Just about every week I discover something new about this phone. It can do anything.

(It really bothers me when other peoples bottom four aren't set up like mine! Ha.)

 Here's a few apps worth mentioning:
Couch to 5k - very cool, especially for someone who hates running but tries to convince herself she loves it.  This times your running/walking intervals and has a daily schedules or goals for you to reach.
Spark People - tracks all your food and fitness. This is great...if you actually use it! I go in spurts.
Sales Shopper - Do yourself a favor and get this! It will add up discounts and add tax. I sit in dressing rooms and total up my 30+ items and their discounts and then decide if I should part with any. I completely suck at math so this really is a life saver. 
Hobby Lobby - If you frequent Hob Lob as much as I do you def need this!  You just press it and the weekly coupons pops up. Easy as pie.
CWTV - I just discovered this baby.  You can watch any episode on here.  When I'm driving back and forth every weekend I pick a new show and listen to a few eps on the road. It's like books on tape - love it! This is where I found "Hart of Dixie" which I know got horrible reviews but I think it's too cute!
Then there's the obvious ones...Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, BlogPress, Wells Fargo, Weather.

Is there an app I absolutely NEED that I don't know about yet?!

As much as I love all the fun features of an iPhone, the thing I love best about it is the fact that it's what keeps Trav and I connected Monday through Thursday. I hate talking on the phone but that has all changed now that it's our only form of communication. I look forward to waking up to texts, hearing Trav's voice, and getting pictures  (even if they are of compressors, other oil field toys, and dead animals) through the day. And that, is something to be thankful for.

Monday, November 14, 2011

T is for Texas

T is for Texas.

The state I am so thankful to live in. 

The state that provides sunsets like this:

And experiences like this:

Home to the funnest (most tiresome) month you'll ever experience:

Home to this precious man and his cute fam:
George W = cutest pres ever.

And home to some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet! 

Also, the location of this University:

That provided 4 years of memories including countless pics like this:
this never gets old. priceless.

My eduction that got me here:

And my connection to this cute boy:

This stud says it best:
 There wouldn't be no Alamo,
No Cowboys in the Superbowl...
No "Lonesome Dove", no "Yellow Rose",
If it wasn't for Texas.

I wouldn't be a Willie fan.

Nobody'd swim the Rio Grande.
I wouldn't be an American,
If it wasn't for Texas.

Fort Worth would never cross my mind,

An' there'd be no Austin City limits sign.
No Lonestar of any kind.
If it wasn't for Texas.

If you're not from Texas y'all, get here fast! You won't want to leave! 

I hope it's not just Texans that a can write an entire post about why they love their state. Why do you love your state?


Friday, November 11, 2011

V is for Versa Spa

Oh, Versa Spa. For you I am thankful.

SO look forward to our Friday afternoon date's each week. In just our few minutes together you remind me why I spend money on a tan in the same way I spend money on a meal you are a necessity. Truly.

I step into your chamber resembling this friendly ghost:

and come out looking like this:

Okay, so the Versa Spa doesn't actually perform miracles of this sort...unfortunately. But y'all I do love this invention, with my whole heart. Have you ever done one? They really are great for some weekend color. (and last pretty nicely until about Wednesday or Thursday) I also love the way my skin feels after wards. It really is like a spa treatment (plus a tan!)

 After I promised my mom I would never fake tan again (or lay out hours on end) I realized it really is in my best interest to decide on an alternative. No one wants to be lookin' like this....

Got other brilliant sunless tanning options? I'm all ears! Let me hear 'em!

HH with girls tonight and Nutcracker Market with my mom, Trav's mom (they're finally meeting! I am SO excited!) and my bff Casey tomorrow!

If you're heading to the NM this weekend....HAPPY SHOPPING!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

B is for Besties

Meet "everyone", otherwise known as my best friends! 
Everyone except Ash who's too lame "busy" to join us on our trips.  And really that cute boy is single (and fun and has a great job and really pretty eyes) Any takers?

We're basically the cast of 90210 (the original one, not the new one that I watch even though it's lame) minus the drugs, and scandals, and drama. We have been best friends (with an addition of spouses through the years) for more years than I count but somewhere around oh, 15. Some a little more than 15 some a little less...but you get the idea, we've been around each other for a long, long time. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Ever traveled with a huge bunch of friends? It's not always peaches and cream, in fact, I've had a couple pretty terrible trips with a few nameless people before (I am certain I'm not alone on this, some people just aren't meant as travel buddies).  But with these really is always perfect.  No arguments, no fights, no drama....ever. Seriously. As far as I'm concerned the only time we get annoyed with one another is when someone from the group can't hang out with us for various logical (usually) reasons.  And that's only because we want to see each others cute faces as much as poss!

Is it strange to you that we have been friends for so long? Some people think it is. Most of my friends from college don't even speak to anyone they were friends with in high school, let alone elementary school.  That to me is strange! We always looked forward to coming home for the holidays and seeing each other!

 Surely, a post devoted to the boys and their funny antics and gayness man crushes they have on each other is coming up down the road. Rest assured,  I have plenty of stories and pictures for this one.
But let me focus on my girls for a bit. 

I could tell you why each one is so special and what they add to our group but I won't. Simply put, I love these girls!

And then there's these besties from college. I WISH I got to see them more. They are SO very missed every single day! Luckily, college memories are on my brain all the time, so even if they're out of sight they are never out of mind!
I have zero doubt in my mind that we will be in each others lives forever. And the girls will still be chatting about stuff the boys could really careless about and the boys will likely be creating some off the wall game that is sure to have a billion different rules that no one except them will understand (oh, and they will most certainly be wearing the same shirt).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

T Swift

Did y'all see Taylor Swift on the CMA's tonight? I know not everyone shares my same opinion but I just have to say that I love this girl. I'm not very caught up with celebrity gossip and all that but I do know that this sweet girl is never in it. She's 21 but you'd think she's 17 and I love that about her. This girl is freakin' talented! Not only does she sing these songs, but she plays the guitar (and banjo and piano, jealous!) AND she writes these songs 100%...that's hard to come by these days. And to be able to pull off an awesome song with just your voice and guitar alone is enough to make a fan out of me... (think George Strait in the last scene of "Pure Country". sigh.)

She is a great role model for little girls and we rock her jams (via pandora) in my class on the reg. We even pull out the video cam and make music videos from time to time... Yes. This totally fits in to my curriculum.

It takes a lot for me to completely tune into something but when I see T Swift perform on TV (or chat it up with Ellen) I'm engrossed, hooked on every perfect line she sings.
I mean look at her cuteness....this girl is a ROCKSTAR yet she's sporting jeans and a sweater on stage. Love it!
I love this girl in a "I totally wish you were my little sister, so proud to brag about how amazing and sweet you are" kind of way. And on top of all her awesomeness...she's incredibly humble. Even after tons of well deserved awards.

T Swift, for the sake of little girls (and big girls) everywhere please don't ever change.

Oh, how Pinteresting!

Hi! Today, on my lunch break, I am linking up with The Vintage Apple. (One of my new favorite blog finds!) Obviously, I love pinterest, who doesn't?

I have always been a pretty creative person, the one who gets nominated to do the decorations or in many cases, the project. I never have minded though! Give me a project over a test any day...and if it's a group project, why don't I just call you when I'm finished so you can add your name. (Are y'all like that? I love working in groups with some people -like my besties and a few of my co workers- but in college it was so much easier to just do it myself. on my own time. I don't think my group ever minded!)  BUT oh.mah.word....pinterest is a whole new level of creativity! My already ADD mind never stops thinking of ways to incorporate or adapt projects!

Here are some recent pins that I'm loving right now...

This is a little hokey but so cute for the right party! 

If I could chose only one toy for the rest of my life it would be the Sharpie. This lampshade is written on with a Sharpie and I love it! Oh the possibilities!  

Wow. This doesn't really require a captions.
I love this.

Must duplicate! Last year I bought tons of great yarn to make infinity scarves and never got around to it...go figure.
This is the year!
Oh, the possibilities with drop cloth and chalk board paint. This is such a genius idea!
Would also be great as a table cloth at the "kids" table too!

And this is super vain, but it's been really fun seeing this float around pinterest lately.
You can purchase one to show your team spirit here.

I would say follow me on pinterest, but I will surely flood your feed daily.