Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lesson Learned...

My team is not doing so hot right now. Sad year for those Red Raiders...

Last week at school, we had some gentlemen from the fire department come for a visit. You can read about that here. As a thank you my class collected snacks, treats, and Halloween candy for the men at the station to enjoy. As I was going through candy this morning (taking out a few pieces I knew the firefighters wouldn't want, you know snicker's, m&ms, reese's - surely firemen don't want those right?) I find this....
See something wrong with this picture?
See...the school I work at is in a very affluent neighborhood...affluent and mostly Asian.  Bless their hearts, they don't know much about living here in the good ole U. S. of A.

It's the thought right?

After further review, I decided those firemen might like m&m's and snickers after all...even if they are from February 2011... Lesson learned: Don't steal from kindergartners trying to give to community helpers.

This does not however mean I can not borrow snacks from them. Come on, no kindergarten needs all 5 malona cookies or an entire bag full of chex mix. I'm just doing my part to keep child obesity at bay. 


  1. Jamie, you would not believe their generosity. The heart of a 5 year old is the sweetest thing I've ever experienced.


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