Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I wanna be like EC

Erin Condren that is. I heart her...but I mean really who doesn't?? I've always admired her amazingness from my comp screen but when I saw that One Kings Lane was featuring her I couldn't pass it up! $25 for $50? Yes, please!

The choice on which product to purchase first was easy...Life Planner it was. But then came the hard part.  I spent hours (literally) agonizing over which design to get.  I changed my mind no less than 5 times. As if that wasn't hard enough then I had to decide how to personalize it! Probably the most stressful decision I've had to make in months!

I finally decided, ordered, and checked the status of my order

And then yesterday....IT CAME! And it certainly did not disappoint.

Ask anyone and they'll tell you a perfectly wrapped package is a ticket to my soul. Wrapping gifts is top 5 of favorite things in life to do so seeing this beaut waiting on the porch definitely made me smile.
The colors. The design. Pure genius.

Then I carefully slit the sides open to reveal this lovliness...
Perfectly folder matching tissue paper AND a personalized sticker? Gah!
As if opening the package wasn't an experience in itself now was the moment of truth. Would the colorway I picked look ok? Whould my name be right? Would I actually even use this thing??
Ta-da! It was perfect! I am obsessed with the color I chose (this was a tough decision!) My name was just right and even my favorite words (ala Tom Petty - the best!) looked exactly as I hoped. Happy girl here!

I wasted no time jotting down all my to-dos, happenings, and weddings (8 so far, geez laweez)

I wasn't sure how practical this would be for me. I don't have kids doctors appointments to remember or lunch dates with my girls to write down but in just 3 days times it's gotten LOTS of use. I truly think this could change my far it has!

For weeks now I've been needing to call and reserve hotels for weddings and finally I remembered thanks to the trusty notes I jotted down!

I have all my school stuff written down (parent readers, visits from community helpers, meetings). The blue tags are Class Couture orders that need to be finished and shipped (love the stickers!). The green tag is a reminder for Mill's heartworm/flea pill each month. A reminder I wrote got me a good move on Christmas present's -after my Columbia loving bf emailed me direct links to his wish list, easy as pie-  I even remembered to mail RSVPs I stuck in there that should've been in the mail oh, 3 days ago.

Really, little life planner, you are now my life. Thank you.

This weekend also marks the first weekend I've spent at home in at least 3 months it seems (super exciting because I'll get some much needed catch up time with my girls and my laundry pile) however, it's constant reminder that I will not being seeing Travis this weekend, as if I needed reminding - hence the sad face. We're in for a long stretch of not seeing each other. The longest, in fact, that we've ever gone which I don't even like to think about.

On a happier note...

Did I mention that I also used the seeyousoon25 code for an additional $25 off, - yep...with my OKL gift card this bad boy cost me NADA and I still have $17 credit...guess what SIL is getting for xmas this year?! EC for everyone!


  1. Yayyyyyyyy! I love me some EC! I think I finally have one of everything on her website.

    Glad to find another blogger neighbor...Im in Katy so not too far :)

  2. Just got my life planner yesterday! I'm so excited to have it! :)

  3. Came by on the Pink Dandy Sunday Hop...
    Following GFC


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