Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A is for Awesome People

I'll make this short and sweet today.

Today I am very thankful for specialist.  The awesome people that help me do my job.

I've said before I have the best job in the world...and most days even though it can be tiring and busy, it's actually a pretty easy job (or comes easily to me anyway). Today though, is a different day. Something I've never had to do before.  I have this sweet little one in my class and from day one I have noticed that something wasn't quite right. After months of documentation today is the day we are going to sit that child's parents down and tell them point blank.  Hearing what we have to share I'm certain will be very hard to take in. I am SOO nervous y'all. I feel like I may be heading to tear central and well, crying at your job is just not that professional!

I am so thankful I don't have to do this alone and those specialist will be there to help!

Luckily, HH is on the schedule for this afternoon and it's not coming a minute too soon. In fact, I wish I had this in my lunchbox to calm my nerves! 

A side note from the teacher:
Dear Parents,
Take some time to compare your child and their behaviors to other children their age. Do this from the time they are young! If you think something might not be quite right, it probably isn't. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't excuse behaviors not typical of others their age just because you think they might be the smartest kid you've ever met or the most well behaved. Be honest with yourself.  If you have concerns ask questions, get opinions, see a pediatrician. Don't let their kindergarten teacher be the first to bring this to your attention. The earlier you get these things under wraps the better off your child (and you!) will be.
Sincerest regards,
 Ms. Landin

Okay, off my soap box.

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  1. You can do it Mandell! That child is lucky to have such an awesome teacher!!


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