Thursday, November 17, 2011

W is for Weddings

I am thankful people still believe in the sanctity of marriage.
When so many people (enter Kim K) in the world take the commitment so loosely it's refreshing to be surrounded by people who feel the exact opposite. They are such great examples unlike this one:
I'm fairly certain her choice of headpiece didn't help extend the 72 day marriage...

Even though some pictures like this make my stomach turn a bit, it reminds you there's a perfect person for everyone...
 And images like this remind you why it's worth it.
sweetest thing to see...old folks holding hands!
Y'all my grandma is still so in love with my grandpa it's almost disgusting. Like teenager, eyes glazed over, can't stop gushing over (she's also very theatrical so this doesn't help her cause) I need to dig up some pics just to show you how bad she is but I will say, it is pretty nice to see her like that after 62 years of marriage.  I hope in 50 years I'm even half as happy and in love!

The actual event of a wedding ain't to bad either...good free food, good free drinks, good people, good music, good party, sign me up! I big fat L.O.V.E weddings. It could even be argued that I have too much fun at weddings...
Yep...ruined that dress.

AND....let us not forget the excitement that will ensue the moment I get to plan mine! EEEEEEeeee!
(poor Trav, he's a good man)

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  1. I LOVE weddings too. Love. Happiness. Food. Dancing. Alcohol. Dressing up. So fun!


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