Thursday, July 25, 2013

Waiting on Walker

A few weeks ago (by a few I mean like, 8) we celebrated my brother and sweet SIL, Taylor and Katie, as they prepare for Mr. Walker Taylor, my favorite nephew.
I had in mind a few different theme-y ideas, but was pretty set on a subtle "western-ish" theme in unexpected colors. Both Katie and Taylor went to the University of Texas so I couldn't pass on using one of my favorite colors! When I lucked into finding burnt orange bandannas, the theme was officially set and everything easily fell into place from there!
Here are a few details of the day.  I love a casual couples shower, don't you?

You can purchase this A-board in my shop, here. Convo me and I'll even ship for FREE! 
Good through the end of August. 

Using fabric for bows is a great way to keep the same pattern going and usually winds up being cheaper than  a spool of big, beautiful ribbon! 

I'm not a huge fan of games, but this was something everyone, especially the boys, enjoyed! And how hilarious it must be to pull some of these out in the wee hours of an exhausting night?!

See, definitely the product of a boy.

Bandanna print and chevron? Totally works. I love a good mess of mismatched patterns...

Look familiar? Landin/Urbo wedding decor gets used frequently around here!

I know poofs are a little aged but I will never grow tired of them. Such a fun impact!

Right?! I mean.

You know what else you should totally do? Order a custom Urban Sky Design to match your theme or color scheme then give it to the mama to be! 

Really, this sweet, soft little elephant couldn't be any cuter for a future Republican. 

Love any excuse to actually utilize wedding gifts, my PB wine caddy was perfect for 1 liter drinks!

But don't you worry, there was plenty of beer as well...

Covered all our Texas bases: galvanized buckets, corn hole, and FANS. A must.

If there's one thing I repeatedly overhear people oo-ing and aw-ing over at parties it's custom water bottle labels. Love them. These labels are semi DIY. I purchased cupcake toppers to coordinate with the invites, but forgot to ask about water bottle labels. I found scrapbook paper that matched the color scheme perfectly, taped on the cupcake toppers and had Office Depot run several color copies. Cut, tape, and done! My kind of DIY.

And as usual, the cupcakes are from my favorite little bakery. Walmart, of course! Wait for it...SIX dollars a dozen! Y'all, I'm not making this up, they are SO good.  Wally is the master of classic white, chocolate, and red velvet! I fessed up to at least 3 guests who asked but let the rest assume they were indulging in pricey, cupcakery treats.

Just about everything my mom makes is "the best", but these? These sugar cookies truly are THE.BEST. Gone in 60 seconds. Or less. I probably ate 15, but who's counting? Recipe coming soon (by soon I mean I'll email it if you want it, just ask!) 

Utilized the cupcake toppers once again on a little parting gift for our guests. My mom's toffee. You guessed it, it's the best! Really.

And unsurprisingly, I didn't get a single picture of the hosts and guests of honor. 

Walker is scheduled to arrive in mid August and I couldn't be more excited to meet him! 
There's just something about those baby boys...