Friday, November 4, 2011

V is for Vet

I'm spending this Friday night in bed with my babe (the furry four-legged one).

She is finally home from what I'm sure were 24 of the worst hours of her life...poor baby. I think we're both so happy to be doing nothing together tonight. And I know she's happy to be allowed on my bed (hence the comforter circa 1991).

I am so thankful for the vets who fixed my Mill girl. What I would have done without her in my life I am not sure.

When I picked her up from the ER this morning she was rocking this pink bandage...
The second we got to her vet she, being the 50 pound lap dog that she is, crawled up in my lap. After her first ever night alone (this spoiled dog has never been boarded thanks to my awesome parents!) I was happy to have her sitting with me! At that point I was fairly optimistic but still so worried to see what our vet, the one we actually know and trust, had to say.

He wanted to keep her there the rest of the day to continue treatments.

In the mean time, I ran up to school to find the sweetest surprise!

An envelope full of precious notes wishing Millie well! Their sweet 5 year old thoughtfulness brought tears to this teachers eyes (as if I hadn't cried enough already!)

When I finally picked her up we were both so excited!

You would've never guess this girl was on her death bed just a night earlier by the way she was hanging out the window. I guess a little fresh air really can cure the soul!
I was excited to see they gave my burnt orange and white pup a little red for the big game tomorrow! Mill def didn't want to look like a Longhorn this weekend so she asked me draw a Double T on her bandage. I happily obliged!

So here we are. Home, happy, hopefully healthy, tired, and so, so, so thankful.

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