Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I is for iPhone


I am definitely thankful for this thing.

Even though it's the old school iPhone 3.

Seriously y'all, how did we ever live without this? 

Up until I got this 8th wonder of the world, I had never even had a camera phone. Nokia for me all the way! I hated techie gadgets and assumed I would be returning this one within hours of purchasing. I was SO wrong. 

Just about every week I discover something new about this phone. It can do anything.

(It really bothers me when other peoples bottom four aren't set up like mine! Ha.)

 Here's a few apps worth mentioning:
Couch to 5k - very cool, especially for someone who hates running but tries to convince herself she loves it.  This times your running/walking intervals and has a daily schedules or goals for you to reach.
Spark People - tracks all your food and fitness. This is great...if you actually use it! I go in spurts.
Sales Shopper - Do yourself a favor and get this! It will add up discounts and add tax. I sit in dressing rooms and total up my 30+ items and their discounts and then decide if I should part with any. I completely suck at math so this really is a life saver. 
Hobby Lobby - If you frequent Hob Lob as much as I do you def need this!  You just press it and the weekly coupons pops up. Easy as pie.
CWTV - I just discovered this baby.  You can watch any episode on here.  When I'm driving back and forth every weekend I pick a new show and listen to a few eps on the road. It's like books on tape - love it! This is where I found "Hart of Dixie" which I know got horrible reviews but I think it's too cute!
Then there's the obvious ones...Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, BlogPress, Wells Fargo, Weather.

Is there an app I absolutely NEED that I don't know about yet?!

As much as I love all the fun features of an iPhone, the thing I love best about it is the fact that it's what keeps Trav and I connected Monday through Thursday. I hate talking on the phone but that has all changed now that it's our only form of communication. I look forward to waking up to texts, hearing Trav's voice, and getting pictures  (even if they are of compressors, other oil field toys, and dead animals) through the day. And that, is something to be thankful for.

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