Friday, November 11, 2011

V is for Versa Spa

Oh, Versa Spa. For you I am thankful.

SO look forward to our Friday afternoon date's each week. In just our few minutes together you remind me why I spend money on a tan in the same way I spend money on a meal you are a necessity. Truly.

I step into your chamber resembling this friendly ghost:

and come out looking like this:

Okay, so the Versa Spa doesn't actually perform miracles of this sort...unfortunately. But y'all I do love this invention, with my whole heart. Have you ever done one? They really are great for some weekend color. (and last pretty nicely until about Wednesday or Thursday) I also love the way my skin feels after wards. It really is like a spa treatment (plus a tan!)

 After I promised my mom I would never fake tan again (or lay out hours on end) I realized it really is in my best interest to decide on an alternative. No one wants to be lookin' like this....

Got other brilliant sunless tanning options? I'm all ears! Let me hear 'em!

HH with girls tonight and Nutcracker Market with my mom, Trav's mom (they're finally meeting! I am SO excited!) and my bff Casey tomorrow!

If you're heading to the NM this weekend....HAPPY SHOPPING!


  1. we may not have hung out in HS but could seriously be my IRL BFF!!!! This is the greatest blog post ever written :) I wouldnt survive without this machine... lets have a spray tan date!!!!

  2. I love spray tanning!! Its such a life saver (literally) haha :)

  3. Hi thanks for the comment! So I have tried to do this before (even several times) but I just cant get it right, my hands always look like I have some disease on them..after lol So I'm clearly not doing something right and I don't know how to fix it, b/c the girl at the front desk who gets paid $6 bucks an hour could care less to help... awesome! So you live in Houston?

  4. I spray tanned for 6 months during the winter months.. I loved it! Good choice for Versa

    KKJ Houston. make sure you put the lotion they provide on your hands and toes and it won't be as orange after the soaks it.. I caked it on my nail beds and rubbing it on like lotion to my hands. But other than that I think they look more natural than most other spray tanning booths. :)


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