Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Doesn't JIC stand for "just in case"? I feel like we used to say that back in the day...anywho...

Here's a short story:
Back in August I was in the car with a bunch of girl friends talking about random stuff and I asked, "When is Travis going to propose?" and my friend Britt blurts out, 'before Thanksgiving!!". The car went silent, I was silent, and I instinctively grabbed the first thing I could find (a sunglasses case) and I hit her in the head with it. Hard. (because obviously "When is Travis proposing?" was a rhetorical question!!) She cried (I think more because she's pregs and less because it hurt) and I cried (I have no idea why). And then it was over. And we all went on to excitedly discuss Trav and I getting engaged.

What are the chances this scene could be reproduced?? Slim to freakin' none in these frigid 84 degree temps!

Obvi I was SO excited but now I knew and I was very sad about that, because who doesn't want to be surprised?!? I told Travis that I knew. So, I am like more than 99.99% percent positive it will not happen this weekend - the last weekend before Thanksgiving (because he has told me in the past he has a plan and this weekends trip was just pulled together by me so I know it's not "part of his plan", and I am certain he doesn't know my ring size, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't asked my dear ol' daddy yet...) 


that .01% of me has a date with the nail place after school today (and probably every week from now until it actually happens!) You know....JUST IN CASE!!
because a sparkler like this should only adorn a manicured finger

Better safe than sorry, right?!


  1. Wait.. is this a recent story!? Because if it is. that's awesome!! So excited for you :) Can't wait to find out!

  2. Haha! I know how you feel. My husband (boyfriend at the time) sent me a text message accidently that he meant to send to his best friend. It was about how he bought my engagement ring that day. WHOOPS!! No surprises for me!

  3. Aww how exciting!!! Hopefully it will be soon and you are surprised! I can't wait till that day comes for me!! :)

  4. awww such an exciting time! I am your nail polish swap buddy too we need to exchange e-mails!

  5. Again, I'm sorry!!! Me and my big mouth. You know Trav always has something up his sleeve. Maybe me opening my mouth was just part of his plan! ;o)

  6. Ha Britt, that's exactly what I just told someone!! Love you anyway!!

  7. #1 You are hilarious
    #2 How exciting!
    Hope it's everything you hope for!!


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