Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The day I got engaged.

As I posted before, I had a feeling a proposal was in the very near future. I waited each weekend in October thinking "maybe this is the weekend". October came and went and before I knew it November had practically vanished. Our schedules are about to get crazy busy (out of town/country weddings basically ever non-holiday weekend from now until April) and because a dear friend mentioned that he had planned to pop the question before Thanksgiving I had a pretty good idea it would happen.  

On the way to Rockport I had convinced myself this wasn't going to be the weekend. I was sure he was just trying to throw me off and I was positive he hadn't asked my dad or purchased a ring but the moment I pulled up to our cute little bay house and he walked outside to meet me, I knew what was about to happen.

I wish I could remember much after that.  He walked me into the house, sat me down, which instantly led to tears...the rest unfortunately is a huge blur, he talked to me for a bit, got a knee, pulled out a box, asked me to marry him, I said "YES!", and just like that, we were engaged! I have no photo documentation of details or anything but I have this big honka rock on my finger that is a constant reminder of the night I became a FIANCE!!


Bear with me...these next few posts are for my memory - they're lacking all the fun of a typical post like pictures, etc.  Those will come soon!

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