Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, how Pinteresting!

Hi! Today, on my lunch break, I am linking up with The Vintage Apple. (One of my new favorite blog finds!) Obviously, I love pinterest, who doesn't?

I have always been a pretty creative person, the one who gets nominated to do the decorations or in many cases, the project. I never have minded though! Give me a project over a test any day...and if it's a group project, why don't I just call you when I'm finished so you can add your name. (Are y'all like that? I love working in groups with some people -like my besties and a few of my co workers- but in college it was so much easier to just do it myself. on my own time. I don't think my group ever minded!)  BUT oh.mah.word....pinterest is a whole new level of creativity! My already ADD mind never stops thinking of ways to incorporate or adapt projects!

Here are some recent pins that I'm loving right now...

This is a little hokey but so cute for the right party! 

If I could chose only one toy for the rest of my life it would be the Sharpie. This lampshade is written on with a Sharpie and I love it! Oh the possibilities!  

Wow. This doesn't really require a captions.
I love this.

Must duplicate! Last year I bought tons of great yarn to make infinity scarves and never got around to it...go figure.
This is the year!
Oh, the possibilities with drop cloth and chalk board paint. This is such a genius idea!
Would also be great as a table cloth at the "kids" table too!

And this is super vain, but it's been really fun seeing this float around pinterest lately.
You can purchase one to show your team spirit here.

I would say follow me on pinterest, but I will surely flood your feed daily.

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