Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's official...


The day I walk down the aisle and marry Travis!

We will be getting married at a beautiful venue near Sugar Land where my very best friend married her husband. SO excited we will be sharing that! Thanks Casey for not caring a bit that I went and copied you!

The venue is quite popular. At first I was very against getting married there because it seems like literally everyone we know gets married there. For a while I was set on a wedding in the San Antonio or Austin area, there's do denying how stunning the land is in those areas. Anyone would be lucky to have their special day take place in such a beautiful setting. However, after realizing the difficulty of having a wedding in a town other than my own (and the costs of back and forth trips and hotel rooms for my huge family, etc.) we decided to have a wedding closer to home. My parents were definitely all for this idea.

The venue we chose is gorgeous. It's a perfecr mix of Texas and chic. Perfect for me and Travis. And let's be honest here, it's just so dang practical! A one stop shop really. I am so excited we will be getting married in the beautiful understated chapel and walking just feet to party the night away!

Another amazing granddad is marrying us! I was so thrilled he agreed and it will make the day just that more special.

288 days!! Seems like such a long time to wait!

But ohmahword, I am beyond excited! I'm fairly certain I won't hve to worry about how to occupy my time....sugar plums?? Who even knows what those are?! Visions of flowers and dresses and plans are all that are dancing through my head!

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