Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Pinteresting

Today I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting.

I'm going to do a "Make it My Own" addition. Because, well, I linked up for MiMO on Monday and I never got around to actually doing a post.  I had completely forgotten until I recieved an email about not linking, blah, blah, blah. My bad. Guess I'm not welcome at that link party anymore.

Here are some outfits via Pinterest I have recreated.  Finding fun ways to wear all the clothes already in my closet is possibly one of my favorite things to look for on Pinterest.  

Here's a few I've done. 

Love this color combo and finding ANY outfit to wear that necklace (J. Crew) with.

Cute and comfy...this is basically my uniform. Jean, cardi, necklace, flats.  I borrowed this awesome necklace to recreate this exact outfit and I don't exactly intend to give it back.  Actually I saw this on eBay so I'm going to need to purchase it. 
Oh, I also wore a teeny double wrap belt around my waist because my cardi is a little largo.

Crazy color combo I was a little unsure about pulling off, but I loved it! Wearing it with that hat this summer for sure!

Except for those dang leopard flats that I was in search for months...then I see my mom wearing the perfect pair (she snagged from Rack Room Shoes)! Hoping she wrapped a pair up for me under that Christmas tree. I was not subtle about wanting them!

With a more mustard-y skirt (Loft), sans tights and scarf.  SO cute! I wore this to work the Monday after I got engaged....gotta look cute to show off new bling, right?!

I love this combo. I've done it with cut off shorts and jeans a boots - far too many times!

I look JUST like her when I wear this outfit. Really.
I actually was wearing this exact outfit when we got engaged! YAY! Been a favorite outfit for at least a year now! My fav black shirt (from WALMART of all places!!) is getting seriosuly faded....sad day.

LOVE this! My skirt is a maxi I stole from Gap for like $14! And found an almost identical top at Forevs for like $8. Yes and yes.

And this outfit will be on my body SOON.  I have that exact shirt (Forevs), vest (Loft) and belt. Not sure if the belt will make the cut but I'm going to try it!

Now....if only I had pictures of all these outfits...

Yesterday I was dressed cute and I said to myself..."Mandal, today is the day you start taking freakin pics so you can remember these for next year."

Guess what?  Def didn't get a pic and can't even remember in the slightest what I was wearing.  FAIL.


  1. Loving all these fashion pins, I may have to pin them myself!


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