Friday, December 23, 2011


I'll fill you in with a long mess of pictures, a schmorgesborg if you will, and everyday happenings in this little life of mine...and for the record, I def had to google how to spell schmorgesborg.

On Friday, not more than .3 seconds after briefly stating that I had a few gift cards, I received an email from Casey (I'm not lying < .3 seconds later) saying we should have dinner at Cheesecake Factory that night.  Obviously I agreed! I was saving that one for the ole fianc...but who better to share mac and cheese with than Case?! We stuffed our faces with delicious food, Texas Teas, and took cheese cake to go (vanilla bean - SO yummy!) 

Layers of Creamy Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, Vanilla Mousse and Whipped Cream. ...mmmmmmm

You know what happens to a teacher after a week of kids and Christmas festivities? They CRASH. After our little Cheesecake Factory Glutton Fest, I stopped by a Redbox, went home, and went to bed. At like 9:30. True story. No movie. In order to watch a movie you have to keep your eyes open and that just wasn't happenin.  

Saturday I attended the wedding of this precious couple.
SO, SO very happy for them! Bryan is the sweetest guy and will without a doubt take care of Laura all the days of their lives. Of course I had to steal this pic from fb bc like always, I didn't snap even one pic! I loved my outfit and had some freakin' cute shoes on too! Dang.

Unfortunately, I went to that wedding sans Trav, he had a work party in Mexi...uh, Laredo but I had fun with some old friends! 

Couldn't party too hard because I had to wake up pretty early Sunday to meet Travis at our hotel for the Texans game! My very first event as an oil man's (almost) wife.  Not a shabby gig as I'm learning! I am so incredibly thankful for Travis' job, the company he works for, and the friends I have made through his colleagues (if it weren't for their wives I would have zero friends when I move).
Typically I feel tiny next to big ole T but these itty bitty cheerleaders did not support that feeling...
I made sure to wear my steel blue, battle red, and liberty white! GO TEXANS!!! 

The Urbo's were a little behind with sending out their Christmas cards this year.  After the game, I got a phone call from Haley, my future sis in law, asking me to awkwardly take and send a picture of me with my ring by my face for the card. Huh??
Fun fact: Travis has 2 brothers. They all proposed in 2011 and we are all getting married in 2012! YAY! 
Anyway...the idea for the card was to have all us girls with our new rings. Sure, it's cute. But awk. Taking pictures by myself is one of my most hated things (unless it's funny) so Travis was loving every second of taking this pic in the lobby of our hotel. With people watching mind you. Oh, and we had been drinking ALL day. 
"Merry Christmas future family members and closet friends. I'm excited to be a part of the fam. Can you tell I've been drinking since 11 am? Sure hope not!"

On Monday I was super pumped about going out with my favorite girls for dinner and the Nutcracker, which I had never seen. 
This is the same pic of us but I had to do some clever cropping and zooming so the Britt and Baby G would be happy with the pic! 

Dinner was scrumptious, the experience was great, and the company was top notch, but I gotta be honest...

the Nutcracker was a big ole bore in my unsophisticated opinion.  BIG bore.

 I was on the edge of my seat only because I was waiting for one of those fruity ballerina's to split their pants or slip. Never happened.  They just kept on dancing....and dancing...and dancing....and dancing.  I don't know about you but this girl needs some action, hell, even a few stinkin' words would do to keep me entertained! As it turns out, the ballet is clearly not my thing. Loved the champagne part though! And the dressing up and nice din and good friends part! 
Can you tell I had to get versa sprayed twice?? Yep. That's why I look like a Comanche.
Still have an unwavering love for that machine though! 

Hmm...what else did I do between Friday and Monday?

I wrapped presents but didn't make them as cutesie as I normally would. I'm saving the big guns for my first Christmas as a Mrs. next year, duh. I used very non Christmas-y paper this year. I am in love with the paper I got at the Nutcracker Market (the one ballet thing I actually like - the one that involves shopping) 

Red ribbons are festive enough right?? I thought so too. 

Cheetah print? Yes, please!
And I wrapped all Trav's in Camo. Now, normally I loathe camo unless it's being used while hunting but this paper was just too cute to pass on and well, Travis likes camo and I like Travis...C'est la vie.
(Yea, google how to spell that too...I would have def spelled it "saylavee". Wrong. Thank God I teach 5 year olds.) 

Oh and just in the event you may have forgotten...I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!! And this is my new favorite date in the entire world.
I should totes be a prof photog don't you think?? HA!

WOWZA, that was long! Come back later...there's more! Apparently, I've been a busy little beaver.

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