Friday, February 10, 2012

B is for Babies

Who doesn't love them?

I won't say too much about this topic but my biggest fear in life is not being able to have my own children. It's a rarity to find me in "deep thought" but when I am it's generally about this. I'm especially in awe of those women who struggle throughout the process with such a positive attitude.  There's no doubt about it, babies are a gift from God.  I can.not.wait to have my life surrounded by tons of little babes! And people....that time is NOW!

That's right...
(and an unofficial aunt to Mark and Britt's Baby G)

Aside from being a wife and having babes of my own this is something I have waited my entire life for!

And now this couple is making me the most proud person in the whole dang universe! So thankful for them and their new little baby!
Ian and Tracy (old pic)

They will be the BEST parents!

This baby was an answer to countless prayers and I am SOOOO beyond happy for them (and me!!) Let me tell you, this is one extremely loved little baby! After years of hoping they finally decided to "not worry" about it happening.  They focused on making their cute house cuter and having fun in general and wouldn't you know? It happened! Always does right? The minute you relax and stop allowing it take over every though in your mind....

 Back in October, after a super fun weekend with T, we we're at the deer lease with his fam...atop a big ole hunting truck (like on the top of the cab, hick style) and I got a text from Tracy.  Pictures of the pregnancy tests! Y' took everything in my power to stay cool in front of T's dad, who surely would've thought I was nuts. I thought it was a joke.  I've spent the last 2 years analyzing everything she does..."she only drank half her glass of she pregs??" "why did they decide to not come to dinn? she must be pregs!" "she had tea at dinner...def pregs, right?" to always find out later I was wrong. 

This was the biggest surprise ever!

That was back in October though.  MONTHS ago! I was so nervous about getting excited over this baby. (publicly anyway...secretly I had already purchased clothes for "it", like any obsessed aunt would do)

Well....this morning they found out the sex of the baby! I was SO excited to get the day started so I could patiently wait for the text she promised to send the minute they found out!  We even made it class activity...

10 o'clock came around and I still hadn't heard...then I got this message...

I was PISSED.  Seriously...they knew how excited I was about this day and they decided all of a sudden to have a freakin' gender reveal??! (which my Mexican aide/friend says is "something only white people would do" haha)

Well about 30 minutes later I got a phone call and got the news I had anticipated for weeks and weeks and weeks....

It's a GIRL!!!

I may be a little biased but she's going to be the most precious little girl in the whole world and I will be the best aunt evs...just sayin'.

Already have all kinds of baby girl plans in store for Little Miss CML...tutu's GALORE! You can bet your sweet little baby bottom on it!

 So excited to celebrate Baby G tomorrow! Stayed tuned next week for what may be the cutest shower you ever did see! Geez much excitement!!


  1. I have the same fear!! And it's completely out of no where! Congrats on becoming an aunt! I am an auntie to 9 kiddos (my siblings are all WAY older than me). And your aide/friend is right!!!!!!!!!! lol!

  2. Love this post Mandell! Soo happy for you - congratulations!!!

  3. I am sooo happy for your family! She is going to be precious :o) And btw, I don't think I have ever been so excited for a baby shower! I cannot wait to see everything tomorrow! The invites already blew me away!

  4. No being able to have children is definitely one of my biggest fears EVER, too. I don't know if I would handle such heart break so well as so many others. Thankfully, there's always adoption- something I plan on doing even if I can have my own. Ahhh babies, I love them. Congratulations to you and your family! You will be a wonderful Auntie!



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