Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a relief!

A 3 day weekend is ALWAYS such a relief!
Thank the Lord for George and Abe....and cutie George Dub, of course.
side note: I am NOT very political. I base my vote off the "feeling" I get from them. Possibly how cute their fam is and the basics of their platform. I will NOT however, be voting for the gentleman for the GOP that is against doctors doing a amniocentesis but you may vote however you please.

On Friday, I drove through gloomy weather to Rockport, TX.  My favorite town in the grand ole U S of A.  I finally got to hug T's neck and spend a little time just relaxing.  It was perfect. Just what we needed.  I found about a million dollars worth of amazing things my little heart desires while shopping "down town" Saturday morning. If you're near the Texas coast, I highly reccomend a Rockport getaway!  

I am dying over these amaze plates with the outrageous $88 price tag! I just want two though...shouldn't they be mine?! My mom has the cute plates she and my dad ate off of the first year of their marriage hanging in the kitchen. I love the idea and these plates would be juuuust perfect!    

Unfortunately, on Saturday just as the clouds parted and the sun came out to create the most incredible bayside weather...I had to leave to make it to a couples shower celebrating T's brother Chris and bride to be Haley. I just love them so, so much! I am beyond excited about having Haley as a sister and Chris as a brother! Trav stayed in Rockport for a planned beer drinking/fishing day "work thing", we all missed him.  I was so, so happy he got to have a weekend of nothing though.  He literally busts his butt every single day trying to sort out choas in the fields, the stress was definitely getting to him (and me!).  The second he got out of his truck he said, "Babe, I have never been more relived to see the you and the ocean." I think after some R and R he's feeling refreshed!
Nothing a few breverages can't fix.
The shower was in this precious tiny town. And the bride was wearing this cuper cute dress from JCPenny of all places.  No worries y'all, I stopped on my way home and bought one for myself.  Perf for the rodeo starting THIS WEEKEND! I was pretty impressed with some of the other cute things they had. Might just have to add JCP to stores I visit. Check it out!

Sunday we had our tasting at Briscoe Manor. Travis couldn't make it but his mom was able to come along with my parents. Oh my word...it did not disappoint.  And it certainly didn't make choosing food any easier! I want it ALL! And isn't the set up perfect? Maybe they'll let me borrow some of that lovliness!

Yesterday my mom and I ran around all day doing "wedding errands".  We may have also squeezed in time to buy some adorable things for little miss Charlotte.  Man alive, is that going to be one spoiled little tot!

We talked to hotels to set up room blocks.  Can't wait to have everyone we love together! EEEEE!

We made some progress on flowers. We're thinking about doing mostly DIY flowers (but leaving the bouquets to the professionals). We checked out different flower options.  All white with possible touches orange. We also ran around town looking for the best options for vases and candles. Here are a few thoughts:

 We bought a stand similar to this one at PB. It will be chock full of my mama's famous chocolate chip cookies.  The one we got must be new because I couldn't find it on their website. I have wanted this for ages and can't wait to register for all the matching goodies! Ahhh...anticipation...

Speaking of registering....my mom and I mentally registered for all kinds of amazing things at Pottery Barn.  Can't wait for the day T and I have some time to get the gun and do it for real!

What I did do for real is create a "wedding wishes" list at Anthropologie online.  Okay, so maybe I created this list months and months before I even became his fiance, but I have one nonetheless. T had no part of this, he doesn't quite understand the fascination with this store. However, at some point, I'll show him all the lovely things he didn't know he wanted - and hopefully that point will be when they're all placed perfectly in our first home.

Want to see some of the things that make my heart stop??

This should take you there...

Make an Anthro wish list for yourself and share it with me! I'd love to see what you're dying for!

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  1. I am very glad to have a long weekend as well! That stand is too cute, I will have to check that out! :)


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