Wednesday, February 15, 2012

food for the soul

I'm linking up with Michelle for "Oh How Pinteresting".

I'm devoting my whole post to my hands down favorite food.

on a stick...not the mini - although, I will eat those as well

Seriously, best food ever invented. Unfort I don't eat these very often (I hear they're not that great for you, saay wha?!) But oh man, could I!

Once, not too terribly long ago, on a trip back to college...I ate a total of 12 corndogs in one weekend. TWELVE. Every meal. Obvi you eat 2 for dinn and 2 to cure that pesky hang over. Sadly, I don't lie. They come best 2 for $2 at gas stations nation wide. Shell, Stop n Go, 7-11, Sonic, I'm not picky. 

They WILL be making an appearance in my wedding. And I WILL be devouring... Yep, gotta make the extra 2 hundo were spending on an additional fryer worth while. 

T will be the fryer in the fam (that's def a boy's job) so I'll let him learn to make these for me...oh my heavens.
No mustard, just ketchup please. 

If Trav's busy I suppose I could whip out this bad boy.  He'll be added to our registry just the second I find him (and start a registry). 

Bees AND corndogs?! 2 of my most favorite things! 

I'll also let Trav make this for our next corndog party.  Perf house warming party food, I do believe! 

And let's not forget the bevie that makes these babies taste even better....

Aren't you hung know?! I AM!

Like that abbrev for hungry? It's def our fav next to the abbrev for country of course....we try to squeeze that one in convos as much as possible...



  1. you are hilarious! that's a wedding I'd like to go too! how fun!

  2. I have ketchup with my corndogs too! Nothing else! They are so delicious!!!

  3. i'm a corn dog lover too....ONLY KETCHUP!

  4. omg, corndogs are so gooood! I'm a vegetarian, so I never eat them anymore, but I recall back when I was younger I loved Hot Dog on a Stick in the mall! Amazing! And I agree- only ketchup!!!


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