Monday, January 2, 2012


I'm linking up with Michelle and Savanah tonight (and ABC).

Watching the Bachelor. Duh. Lovin' all the Southern girls, like always!! and omahword did yall see how AWK that blogger girl uncomfortable.  And that one chicks super amazing derby hat?! Can't wait for the day I cross the Derby off my bucket list! we go for Fun With Our Phones


Do y'all take these? I do. ALL the time. I also take pictures of my comp screen with my phone, does that count as a screen shot?  Most of them are of things I absolutely adore on pinterest, wedding stuff/bridesmaids dresses I send to my MOH, or funny text convos/comments my friends send. (I then mass text to everyone else to enjoy the laugh, of course.) 
Here's a few examples of pics I've taken the last couple days.

You can read about it here.

But this is it...a screen shot that I sent to my mama on the way out of the store.

Okay, back to the Bachelor! 

No Texas homie, Reality Steve, gave me the season low down (because even though I love surprises, I can never wait.) He and I agree this show:

He writes, " I’m guessing Courtney wasn't sitting alone at home dateless looking for something to do, saw that Ben Flajnik was gonna be the “Bachelor”, and ran to her computer to fill out an application in hopes that she could one day be his future ex-fiance. Call me crazy. As for Ben, he gets an 11 week commercial for his winery, he’s got a woman completely out of his league looks-wise to prance around to all the tv shows and magazines once the finale airs, and he got to show his butt on national tv. Seems like he wins all around. The show is the same exact thing every season except with different cast members. This season will be no different."

 Couldn't agree more Steve! Y'all I love this show but it's getting a little ridic. I want some real people, ABC! And call me crazy but a Trista/Ryan kind of story is always my favorite kind!  

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  1. Why WAS that blogger girl so awkward?? I had to keep looking away because I was so embarassed for her:( Looks like a season full of drama!!


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