Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dressing my fave ladies

Bridesmaid's dresses. Finding one is such a feat, isn't it?

This is one of the most important aspects of our wedding to me. As far as attire and "feel" go anyway. I have chosen a color scheme of neutrals specifically to accommodate any dress we may find. I really have tried to take in to account the different body types of my girls. I want everyone to be comfortable, feel cute, and most importantly, party their asses off!

I am totally against typical "bridesmaids" dresses. I hate spending so much money on them, you NEVER wear them again, I don't typically love structured clothing, they just don't fit my "style" or how I picture my wedding "feeling". I've always wanted something off the rack, something that isn't $220+, something that even if you don't, you could actually wear again.  I fell in total love with these dresses by Gianni Bini sometime over the summer.  
In the orange color.
Love the sleeves. Love the ruffles. Love the style. Love the look with brownish heels/wedges (of the girls choice) for the ceremony. And they would be adorbs with our dancing shoes aka cowboy boots and fun belts when the real party gets started at our reception!

Well, days after the proposal I was SUPER excited to find them on major sale and bought them right up!

Unfortunately, they won't work for a couple of my girls. Very, very sad. I was certain this was a sure bet. Now I'm stuck with 8 dresses in various sizes that I can't return. Anyone interested in buying them? They would be oh, so cute with heels for a wedding, boots and tights, or cowboy boots! I am def still keeping one for myself - which means I can wear it now. (silver lining)

So the quest continues.  We have tried a couple dresses since and nothing has worked out quite right so the search continues.  I've even considered letting the girls choose from a color palette ala Miranda Lambert, but I am such a symmetrical person and I will certainly there's a chance I might lose my mind if not all the dresses coordinate perfectly. 

Another one on the drawing board are these dresses I found at Target of all places! They now carry BM dresses apparently, gah, they think of everything. What do you think?
I LOVE the color and ruffles but it's still a little too "bridesmaid-y" for me. Bridesmaid dress may have to ultimately be the route I'll have to take though to find something that suits everyone

How did you choose your bridesmaids dresses? 
Did you have mismatched dresses? I want to see pics! 

If you're interested in buying one of the orange dresses above, shoot me an email.  I have sizes, XS, S, M, and L available.  I wear a size M if that helps.  I am 5'8 and these hit a few inches above the knee. And they are SO cute!
Retail: $118
Selling for: $45


  1. I want one!! What color do you have? I'm usually a medium too.

  2. Mandell! I'll take one fom ya! Couldn't pay you until the 20th. I took two girls with different body shapes from me and we tied on dresses until we found one that looked good on all of us. I did a bridesmaids dress though. The place where I go my dress gave the girls and moms a discount. I know a lot of gils that go the jcrew/banana republic route. I have a dress similar to the target one and it was very lose fitting. Hope that helps a little.


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