Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a day late

well, more like 3 days late but it is what it is...

This weekend I headed to Carrizo for a weekend with Travis.  I left after school/work/playing (whatever you want to call it - my job) and made the 4 1/2ish trip feel a little shorter by listening to this book:

Not a big reader, and when I do I usually prefer non-fiction, but I love a good girl book on audio.  This was my first Jane Green book and it did not disappoint!  Looking forward to hearing the end of the story on the way home made saying good bye on Sunday a little peachier also! Win-win! 

Friday T made a delicious meal (y'all I swear I want to be that wife that cooks every night for my man but goodness, my food will never compare to his) He even let me watch "Say Yes to the Dress" and didn't even ask to flip it back to the WWII documentary he had been glued to.  Now that's love right there. We hit the sack early, which was very much appreciated! 

I woke up Saturday to breakfast and DELISH Keurig hot chocolate (a must try, if you haven't!) and then we headed to Uvalde, our future home.  Man, I love saying that!  We spent the afternoon driving around the town and eating lunch at our favorite BBQ place which conveniently is also a really great outdoor store that T can never leave without spend at least a hundo in loves. I was bummed the sno-cone place was closed but warned T he'll probably be making lots of sno-cone runs when I'm pregs. *note to self: get knocked up in the spring so the sno-cone place is sure to be open!

I was looking forward to going out with our friends Grant and Jennifer that night in Carrizo.  Hear that?? I have a FRIEND in Carrizo.  It's greatness really!  And even though she's the almost wife of one of T's good friends she's an actual friend I'd chose on my own...not a friend by default! YESSS! more on my worries on being friendless later this week Anyway, we went dancing at the PanAmerican - and if you're picturing a shack with a sawdust floor, shaddy roughnecks, and extremely loud music you'd be accurate. But not going to lie, this place is right up my alley (and it doesn't hurt that it's BYOLiquor. Nope, not one bit.)

Sunday morning T and I slept in.  Utter bliss! Perhaps this is thanks to a handle of Vodka but we'll take late mornings however we can get them! We skipped breakfast and drove to Eagle Pass to explore all it has to offer.  Yep, Eagle Pass, this sweet little town on the Mexican border. 
See that dark line..the other side is Mexico. Literally on the border,  def clung tight to T.
We did a little shopping and had lunch. It actually wasn't as scary as I was imagining it to be and to my disappointment I didn't see one single drug smugglin' coyote (that I know of anyway) they certainly check for them though at the border patrol stations - I think it pretty apparent that the giant red head and Casper sitting shot gun are harmless. 

Highlights of the weekend:

Seeing Uvalde is constructing one of these! When you don't have much to choose from, browsing the aisles of Walgreens sounds pretty appealing! T's about to have a shampoo, eye shadow, greeting card hoarder on his hands - guess it's more cost effective than shoes! 

Realizing I have a friend in Jennifer - what a relief to at least have one friend! ha

Trav giving me this book which I have been looking forward to reading for some time now. Leach all the way! Love this man and any team he may coach in his future. GO WSU COOGS!

Spending a weekend of uninterrupted time with the man I'm going to marry and

Reading/working on this book together (out loud) on the way to EP.  So blessed to have a fiance that is willing to do anything to strengthen our current relationship and future marriage.  We were practically able to answer all the questions for the other and we laughed about our wish to answer one way even though reality says differently. This was really, really fun! I highly suggest it.
The verdict's in.  No surprises here....

This book has me wanting to read these also from Gary Chapman:

Read any of them? Any suggestions for other books on the subject?

I'm all ears! 


  1. We did the love dare together before we got engaged and even though it is really for those that are going through hard times, we just did it to strengthen as well :) highly recommended :)

  2. #1 Thank goodness for one real life friend.. Ha(good thing you have tons of blogger friends).

    #2 Walgreens might possibly be better than the HEB.

    #3 I am reading that book now! Ha, no idea why... better luck next time ;)

  3. I was actually born in Eagle Pass!

  4. Taylor and I have that love language book too!
    I had a ton of great books like that from when I studied marital therapy in graduate school. I'll see what I can dig up. There was one author in particular I really liked.


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