Thursday, January 26, 2012

attention please:

Okay, so I'm not looking for the actual cast of friends, but I do feel people with personalities, esp those similar to Rach and Joey, would suit me just fine!    

Pathetic, right? I most certianly am not above a personal ad via blogger! It is what it is...I am shamelessly seeking frienships in my future town of Uvalde.

I don't mean the people we go out to dinner with - I will interact with people plenty between events and dinners with Trav's work (even though most of them are quite a bit older than me). I'm worried I won't find real friendships. The kind of friends that find each other because of their similarities and mutual connection - not just friends by default.  (Not to say that the people we spend time with aren't great, they totally are!) But I want a bestie!! (no worries girls, you could NEVER be replaced) 

For some reason I am so worried about moving (to a place I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I'd move to) and not making friends.  Thankfully, I have made a friend in Jennifer. Phew, one friend is certainly better than none! But for real, do y'all have any awesome girl friends in the area?? Maybe even a blogger buddy?! 

Remember this girl?

She wasn't exactly given the warmest welcome when she moved in on the OC.  And while I realize I'm not relocating to a city of plastic and drama, I will be moving to a fairly small town. I don't know much about small town living but I do know that girls have their cliques, tight cliques.  They also wear crazy patterned T's with rhinestone crosses on them and lots of bling which is an entirely different story for a different day...

I can't say I've had a problem making friends, I went to school with the same people my whole life, but think about many new true friends have you made since college? Some work friends, sure.  Some friends through your boyfriend/husband, sure. But have you recreated a whole new social circle from scratch? I went to college knowing very few people and was super excited about making all new friends but DUH, everyone was! It's easy when everyone is looking for forever friends! 

If only a girl could rush when moving into unfamiliar territory!  Give me a few overly cute outfits, a wornout smile, uber engery, and a thousand girls to choose from anyday.  No, seriously, if rushing was my job I would be in heaven....and constantly humming catchy little sorority songs. "I am a T, I am a T-H..."

Well, apparently, back in the stone ages when we rushed there was no facebook (say whaaa??) and I've since had probably 4 diff comps - any pics of my bid day have been lost somewhere in translation sooo I had to steal a pic of the new pc'11 via fb. But I would totes be friends with each and every one of those cute Theta babies! Ga, I miss college!
Sadly though, going through rush at age 26 only happens for the Tiffani Amber Thiessen In Saved by the Bell College Years (my personal fave of all the years) and Anna Faris in The House Bunny - they had to have been over 26 in real life.  So I have resorted to a blogland plea. Oh, and facebook stalking every shop, event, church, person Uvalde has to offer.  Ok, so I haven't exactly stalked people yet, that is well, very stalkerish...but I did "like" about 15 Uvalde things on fb last night.

I was relived, ecstatic even, to find a couple shops that I can see my self frequenting. So much so, I lamely wrote on their walls saying how excited I was to find their store.  Maybe a good hearted employee will read the desperation and ask me to a HH with all her super fun friends...

In the mean time, I'll be hoping it'll be easier than I think it will (surely, right?) and creating/planning all kinds of fun dinner parties to invite my new besties to!

SO excited, anxious, happy about a new life with Trav and a new adventure in Uvalde, TX! 

 I guess when all is really said and done, as long as my best friend (T) is there everything will be peaches and cream but a girl needs some girls, am I right? 


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  1. I know exactly how you feel! That's how I felt when I moved to Texas but don't worry everything will work out and you'll have to come out towards town for girls dinner now and then!!


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