Thursday, January 12, 2012

the "plan"

Our wedding plan, that is. Sort of anyway...
...a random gathering of not so much ideas but "elements" that will be included in our wedding. 

My closet is full of neutral colors, my apartment was filled with neutral colors. It doesn't make much sense for me to change my personal style for my wedding so...neutrals it is! I want to look around our home in 20 years and say, "Oh, I love this. This was in our wedding." So using things that will be re-used in our home is important to me. While this pin board of sorts is kind of all over the place, the wedding decor will be fairly uniform, I guess you could say.  I definitely have an eclectic side (thanks mom) and there's no doubt some of that will show through but the plan in my head is fairly concise. 

Here it is...

I don't know exactly what I'd "call" this. Maybe casual/comfortable/natural? Warm? Rustic chic? Rustic chic probably sounds the best though. And the venue is definitely rustic chic. (and absolutely gorgeous)

Also, these images make it seem kind of dark but I'm going for lots of whites, tans, and creams with touches of the other colors and textures. Oh, and al the flowers will be white.

If it's something you typically see at a wedding it is likely you will not be seeing it at mine. A generic wedding? I do not want. I am all about the little details so those will very much be present as will a lot of other fun touches. (By fun I mean things related to a BA party!) I've mentioned this before and it could possibly be one of my biggest faults but if I have a set vision for something I like to do it myself . At the moment my hope is to be a semi-DIY bride and I would like to implement as many of those little details and plans as possible (with help from some trusted friends/fam obvi). This, however, could all change when I realize the time and energy it will take...

My hope is that the day after our wedding we will hear some of the following feedback in regards to our reception:
"That was totally Mandell and Travis."
"A perfect day for M and T."
"Wow, best party ever."

I would also be okay with anything along the lines of:
"Damn, I need an Advil. Bad." or
"OMG, I want another corndog..."

So folks, that's it. That's a few things this little mind of mine has been swirling around for the last few years. 

Possibly more details to come but you may have to wait it out until the wedding has come and gone.
Don't want to spoil any of the fun stuff!


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