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i've been tagged

by Ashlee at On The Front Porch. Go check her out! 
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[Eleven fun facts about this girl...]
1. I don't have a sense of smell. At all.
2. I can tell you which places have the best ice. It's my favorite food. I would forgo all wedding gifts for a Great American Cookie Company ice maker.
3. I can not sleep if I have pants or shorts on and the fan must be on.
4. I wanted to be a teacher since I was in 2nd grade. Never changed my mind.
5. I bought an amazing skirt for $27 marked down from $725.  I still have the tag. It was a proud moment. 
6. When I was a senior in high school a radio station caught wind of "a situation I was involved in" involving the Secret Service and I won the "Dumbass of the Decade" award.
7. I am completely fascinated by bees and hope I can convince T to buy me a starter kit when we find a house.
8. I have 4 brothers. No sisters (except new sis in laws!!!)
9. I've never been on a ferris wheel. 
10. One of my main goals in life is to teach an adult how to read. 
11. In high school I coached Special Olympics volleyball and we were state champs.

[questions from Lindsay]

one\Since you know will soon know what I am looking forward to in the new year, What are you looking forward to? Wedding, honeymoon, decorating our home, making dinner, doing laundry, playing husband and wife!

two\What must always be in your purse/bag when you leave the house? Other than my iPhone...Soft Lips or EOS lip balm, nail polish

three\What did you want to be as a child, is that who you are today? Nope, not a dolphin trainer...or a mom YET!

four\What is your favorite TV show at the moment? I really don't watch much TV but it's always on HGTV or Food Network unless Say Yes to the Dress is on.

five\What is your greatest fear? Not being able to have my own children.

six\What is one thing you would want in your dream home? My husband and sweet babies. And lots and LOTS of love! 

seven\I am borrowing this from a question I saw once, Is there a certain trend you wish you could pull off? big scarves as headbands (around head hippie style)

eight\ Why did you start your blog? to document all the changes that are about to happen!

nine\If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be? Why? Paula Deen. She's fun, and funny, and beautiful, and I don't think T would mind if I picked up some of her skills in the kitchen.

ten\Favorite vacation spot? Does Rockport count? Clearly I don't get out much.

eleven\What are your feelings about macaroni and cheese? umm it's freakin delicious.

[Questions from Ashley]

one\ Is there a word you don't like? ugh I don't even want to type it...douche bag. Hate it.

two\ If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be? 18. Graduating HS, college, rush, new friends, new experiences. And repeat it all year after year.

four\ What would you name the autobiography of your life? Mandell...stories from a girl with a weird f-ing name.

five\ What story does your family always tell about you?  more recently, the time I thought my dad was dead (this is actually still not very funny to me but it is quite a funny story to hear others tell)

six\ What's your favorite season? I don't have a favorite. My favorite time of the year is anytime the seasons begin to change.

seven\ What would your ideal job be? Let's get real. Stay at home wife then mom.

eight\ What's one thing you regret? Do you have regrets? geez...regret is such a strong word. If I could do something differently I would go back and spend more time with my sorority sis' and maybe a smidge less time with my college bf. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed every moment we spent together.

nine\ What is your favorite food? corndogs. No competition unless ice is a food. I once ate like 14 corndogs in one weekend.  Gah, I'm def the epitome of health.

ten\ Are you a morning or night person? I like both just fine but I don't want to talk to anyone or hear anyone talking to me (radio included) on work days until my kinders walk through my door. Weekends anythings fine.

eleven\ If you could live anywhere, where would you live? I don't ever want to leave TEXAS!

[Questions from Megan]  

one\ If you could travel anywhere for 10 days, would you spend all 10 days at 1 location or 1 day at 10 locations?  Where? Currently, I want to spend 10 plus days driving from San Diego to Napa Valley on Hwy 1.

two\ Favorite accessory (don't say phone)? engagement ring. 

three\ Favorite Breakfast Food? My grandpas pecan waffles and bacon.

four\ Do you really use recipes/ideas from Pinterest? I have but I when we get married I will on the reg.

five\ Biggest pet peeve to fellow bloggers?  Too many product reviews or giveaways with crap I could careless about.

six\ Favorite US city other than your home area? Rockport, TX New Orleans, LA

seven\ Do you use cash (daily, not event related)? nope. 

eight\ What celebrity would you like to be and why? Leslie Mann...she is hysterical.

nine\ If you could have a chef cook all your meals would you use him/her or still cook yourself? If I didn't feel like cooking.

ten\ What website (other than GR or Blogger) would you say you never go a single day without viewing it? Probs Weather Channel. The app not the actual website.

eleven\ Single or Married ladies...what is your best advice to the single ladies? Don't set absurd standards. If he wears ugly shoes or cargo shorts it's likely no one has ever told them they look stupid. You can change the little things like that. On that same note though, don't over look big things like family, ideas on finances, opinions on major issues, etc.

[Questions from Ashlee]

one\ What is your most embarrassing moment? Probs the incident with the Secret Service - although honestly I was so clueless about it all it wasn't that embarrassing to me.

two\ Favorite thing in your closet? I could never choose. Not ever.

three\ Favorite blog post? My 2011 recap. It's nice to have all your memories in one spot. Also love this one about T. 

four\If you could pick any car to have, what would it be? A cream colored Escalade full of sweet dirty boys after football practice.

five\One store that you can go a week without shopping at? any of them...

six\What is your favorite kitchen tool? cookie cutters!

seven\ If you had to wear one color for a month what color would you choose? black

eight\What is your least favorite thing about flying? ears popping

nine\ What is your current magazine of choice? People Style Watch

ten\ Do you follow celebrities on Twitter? If so who is your favorite? I follow like every bachelorette. Lame, I know! probs...Lauren Conrad

eleven\What is your least favorite chore? Taking out the trash. Hands down. 

[Questions from Mandell]

one\What is your middle name?

two\Favorite baby names, boy and girl. GO!

three\Best surprise you've ever been given?

four\Number one thing on your bucket list?

five\Whats's your favorite color? Fave color for your home? In your closet?

six\A popular city you never wish to visit? Or a trip you were disappointed with?

seven\Favorite way to spend a Sunday?

eight\Natural nails or falsies? Shellac or reg polish?

nine\Wedding - future or do-over. Destination? Local? Big? Small?

ten\If you could go to a different college which one? Why?

eleven\Gift card to Victoria's Secret. What do you spend it on?

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Not gunna lie....I felt like I was in 8th grade filling out this "survey" but they are fun!

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  1. What a steal! I can't believe you bought at skirt for $27 and it was originally $725! Amazing!


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