Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Caalifonia Loooove"

Sing it with me...
"California love, California...knows how to party, California...knows how to party"

Now 2PAC, that's a good jam right there, and I'll be humming it all afternoon on my way to Cali!

Super excited to spend an extra long weekend with my new favorite cousins and in laws! Can I call them that yet? I'm going to anyways. I'm also wearing a super cute "U" charm around my neck Heather (the bride this weekend) gave me for Christmas. (I just tell people who question that it's a horse shoe.) Oh, and I may or may not have created this little blog under an email with my future last name (and I may not have even been engaged about chancing it! haha)

Anyway we're heading to Pleasanton, CA to celebrate Travis brother Brady and his beautiful lady Heather get married.

Aren't they cute??

Should be lots of fun and PLENTY of wine flowing! YESSS!!

And one of those future cousins posted our cute/cheesy Christmas card on facie...

"We're blessed they all said 'YES!'"

SANTA!! I know him! (really, I do...see??)

My goal this trip? To take pictures!!

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  1. LoL gotta love California Love!!


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