Tuesday, January 3, 2012

he liked it so he put this ring on it

Linking up with Cassie today, a fellow newly engaged gal. Love it!

This is the best link up! I LOVE looking at engagement rings! I thought this would die down after having one on my own finger but nope, I look at the Blue Nile Dream Box app at least 10 times a day. Get it girls, it's super fun!

You can read all about my ring here.

Here's mine!

I've never seen anything like it.

This was 100% Trav's doing. He bought the diamond first and then found a setting at another jeweler. I wasn't sure about it at first because it was SO different than the classic Tiffany's setting I had always thought I wanted. But after having it on my finger for a night I started to fall in love! 

It's not a halo setting but the diamond sits up a bit above a ring of diamonds. Make sense? 

I don't know anything about diamonds but Travis saw this as an investment so quality was important to him.  I do know though that this thing sparkles! I'm obsessed. 

Here comes the prob. People have told me I shouldn't even get a wedding band but wearing one is really important to me (and he will most certainly be wearing his every.single.day. for the rest of his life.)

Any ideas on how it should look? I realize we're going to have to get one custom but I've searched a thousand pictures and even gone into jewelry shops (just the ones in the mall) and haven't found anything I like.  This is such a problem I've even toyed with the idea of changing the setting and wearing this setting on my right hand with an amethyst that belonged to my sweet Doll. (our birthstone) 

Any suggestions or pictures are welcome! 


  1. What a beautiful ring! And how special that he customized it for you!

  2. I love your ring! We had a hard time finding one for me too. We finally found a really thin one that matched the diamonds on the side. It added to it instead of taking away from it like a lot of others do.

  3. I would go really simple. The engagement ring is already so beautiful you don't need to add too much but I agree the wedding band is very meaningful. You can do a simple skinny band that's blingy all around and curves around the big stone.


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