Monday, January 30, 2012

real clothes suck

First things first....

Yep, I found and purchased THE dress!!!

This weekend I headed to San Antonio to celebrate Trav's brother and new wife Heather's life together!  They got married in Cali last month and the Urbo's wanted to throw a special party for those that weren't able to make the trip.

 Friday night (after driving around aimlessly trying to find the flippin hotel) we got ready, ate on the River Walk and then headed out to Cowboys Dancehall.  Such a fun place if you have never been, go! Heather's Cali family and friends came along for a weekend in Texas! (I would just like to note that they all LOVE it here, her brother was even coming up with business plans all weekend that would keep him in the Lone Star State! ha) The west coasters all dawned new cowboys boots, some even cowboy hats and horrid Fu Manchu's - because obviously ALL Texans wear have facial hair, boots, and hats... (thanking the Lord that's not true)

Anyway...I woke up early Saturday to meet my mom and grandmother in Austin.  My grandma generously offered to help pay for the dress! I had already fallen in love with one from a couple weeks ago and had plans to go back this weekend and purchase it but I really wanted her to be a part of the action.  I knew she'd really enjoy watching me play dress up but I had ZERO intentions on actually finding a dress.

We made an appointment at this trendy little bridal shop called Unbridaled in Austin, cute name right!?  From checking out the website I knew they had a selection of dresses other larger bridal shops don't carry.  I was expecting a lot of the dresses to be very eclectic and very "Austin" but I was blown away by all the gorgeous options.  I also really appreciated that the designers they carried were mostly smaller names, some even local. 

I tried on many beautiful dresses but wasn't in love with any of them.  I was beginning to think we were wasting time until my consultant brought to me a dress. The style was exactly what I had in mind for my wedding but..

Obviously, I skipped right past it on the rack.  I was a little hesitant about trying it but she assured me they could make it in ivory as well.

Long story short, I put it on and didn't want to take it off! With out giving too much away, this is me in the THE dress and my mom, gma, (and every other girl in the store) agreeing it was perfect.

I stared at this dress for over 20 minutes.  I knew it was what I wanted to wear on the day I become T's wife but I was having a hard time saying "YES!" When my mom asked what I wanted to do, I began crying like a wittle babe.  I was SO sad Trav's mom and my best friends weren't there on the day I found the dress. I wanted them to be a part of the moment.  The consultant took a billion pictures and I mass texted them to the people whose opinions mattered most.  Everyone agreed it was 100% totally and compleetly "me".  Exactly what they imagined I would be wearing on my wedding day.  So I did it, I said "YES" to the dress (in ivory, even though I adored the blush color) and didn't have a doubt in my mind! I sadly put my clothes back on and reaffirmed my opinions that


The dress is designed by best friends Ivy & Aster.  Seriously y'all, do you self a favor and check them out.  Their website alone makes me feel like I'm in a dream! Absolutely gorgeous!

We will go back sometime soon with Mrs. Urbo and my bffs to decide on a veil and accessories!

I highly recommend Unbridaled for all you Texas brides. The overall experience was just perfect! (minus a few absent people)

I have to say though, getting the dress was extremely bittersweet! Trying on wedding dresses was the FUNNEST thing I have ever done in my entire life.  The best imaginable game of dress up that I would repeat weekly given the chance! I am really sad it's over but I am super excited that I am one step closer to...
becoming Mrs. T. Urbo!

October 5th, GET HERE FASTER!!


  1. Congrats on finding THE dress! Love Cowboys in SA btw!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Something you can cross off your "to do list" that is awesome:) I agree...real clothes suck:) October will be here before you know it!

  3. yayayyaya so glad you found a dress!! I got your email to and it was perf info on the schools, I will respond soon but had to tell you THANK YOU!!!

  4. That's exciting. Congrats on finding the dress.


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