Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sa gurrr,

In case all you white home gurrrs didn't catch that, that's "say girl" in the foreign language known as: ebonics.  The only foreign language I speak or understand...

I went to Targ with my mama the other night.  On a Friday. I'm cool. I needed dog food and cranberry juice. That's all. So naturally, (even though there were 2 things on my list) I left with a whoppin' $131 bill. Damn it. Happens every dang time. 

Among the purchases were in fact, dog food, a giant bag of dog bones, probably $10 worth of note cards from the dollar spot - stationary (even cheap kind) is an obsession - bobby pins, hair ties (the ones with the rubber grip, the best), tooth paste, deodorant, some hardcore hand cream (bc this freakin' Texas weather is jackin' my skin up BIG time), tights in 3 colors (I needed those...yea right), and in a quest to find a decent product for my hair, I bought a slew of curl creams...
The verdict? ...still out, but I do know that blue bottle that claims to leave hair "crunchless" is a BIG FAT LIE (and also about 4 times the cost of the other products) The last bottle is a big crunchy mess as well but at a fraction of the cost.  Haven't gotten to the spray gels yet but hopefully one of them will the miracle I'm seeking.

Also in the basket, this bad boy...

Yep, got me a WAAAAV Enfowsa...gurr, you know, so I can get my hur did.

But for real, ya'll...this little ethnic wonder is great for smoothing my crazy curls into a teased pony. Try it, you'll want to hurry out a purchase a Wav Enforcer too.

When I threw it in the basket my mom informed me I didn't need to buy one because my (very white, very bald) dad has one.  Umm...I don't think so mama...

- - - - - 

Oh and I forgot the cranberry juice. At least that cut my total expense down by 3 bucks...

It's quite unfortunate that the city I will be moving to does NOT have a Target. It's also quite unfortunate for Trav that you have to spend $50 for free shipping. You know I'll keep adding to the shopping cart to not get robbed by shipping costs...

God bless us, and my future Target-less life. No really, say a prayer for my sad soul. 


  1. I just got a Target Red card, it's a Target debit card. When you make a purchase it comes right out of your bank account so you don't have to worry about paying an actual bill. You get 5% off of everything and free shipping no matter the amount! I love it!

  2. #1 Im back to bloggin!
    #2 I am so so so so glad i got to meet you in real life the other night
    #3 I need to see you again soon....I am thinking night out on the town :)

    OK, have a great day!

  3. HAHA this is awesome! Target is seriously deadly!! I always leave there with way more than I need!! Good luck with those other 2 hair products!


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