Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011...the best one yet.

I may be the worst picture taker of all time...but I keep a mean calendar. Having exact dates is kind of fun! And, big shocker, I actually have some pictures of what went down in 2011. Let's do a little end of year review shall we?

January 2011

  • January 1st to be exact. Travis called me for the first time after out little hiatus. Who would've know what would become of that little phone call (Except me. I pretty much knew we'd be together forevs at that point.)

  • Me and T went on our 2nd 1st date! January 13th.  Two days later I saw him again on his way back through town...then 5 days after that...and 5 days after that...and 5 days after that...(this pattern continues) 

  • Mill and I redid my room entirely from gift cards from my kinder babies.

    • I got sick. I mean sick, SICK with the flu and missed an entire week of school. I then mustered up the energy to go back the following week and fainted during lunch duty - in front of 80 terrified kinder babies. 
    what is going on with my spacing up there??!

    February 2011
    • My birthday wishes were granted when we got a "snow day" and didn't have school the Friday before my birthday. I worried that Travis wouldn't be able to drive in town to celebrate. (He did!)
    • I made the girls (and Danny) get bundled up and "sled" down our apartment ramp. It was fun. Until the ice melted...we also ruined 3 cookie sheets.
    • Casey planned a fun painting/wine class for the girls while the boys boozed (and created an impressive yet highly inappropriate picture for me as a thoughtful hilarious gift...)  We had a great time and a huge bar tab.
    • We went shark fishing in Galvey! And I actually have pics from that trip but can't for the life of me find them! Grr.
    • I fell in a little bit of love with Travis in Rockport at CAST for Kids and partied hard all night until we couldn't party any more (9 pm) at the Sand Bar. It was a looong day!

    March 2011
    • We celebrated Katie's birthday in midtown.
    • Rodeo season started! (The funnest month of the year)
    •  I ran the Warrior Dash. Got muddy and had a blast! 
    • I surprised Travis in Victoria on the first day of my Spring Break with a steak dinner (and my awesome company of course!) I fell in A LOT of love with him as he showed me a memory book his mom had made. Most precious little ginger kid ever, sweetest notes he wrote the people he loves most, emails from his teachers raving about what a great student/athlete he was (In high school! What HS teacher goes out of her way to email a student's parents??)
    • My brother Taylor and his girlfriend Katie got engaged! We celebrated at a surprise lunch in Austin. 
    • Travis got and incredible opportunity at work.  He accepted and got ready for this huge transition.
    April 2011
    • We went to our first of nine hundred million wedding together from then until forever.
    •  I spent a weekend in his hometown to meet his parent's for the first time and fell in love with them too. We rode horses, shopped, ate, played on 4 wheelers, and Mr. Urbo just happened to have beekeeping gear (a hobby I am SO excited about starting one day soon!)
    •  We had another awesome weekend in Rockport celebrating Justin's 25th. Even though the boys could care.less. I thought it'd be fun to make it a little cutesy so beer labels and cakeball toppers it was!

    Notice the unwelcome addition to the pic? We obviously had no idea.  Bday boy does what the bday boy wants I suppose. 
    • Travis and I spent one of many, many, many days at his bayhouse in Palacios for Easter. 
    • We joined Lindsey for shopping, lots of Skinny Girl, lingerie, and laughs at her bachelorette party in beautiful La Grange, TX.

    May 2011 
    • We celebrated Travis' brother Chris graduating from the Texas Maritime Academy in Galveston. (I love these pics but they aren't on a computer!)
    • Beautiful Abby married her man and we danced (and sweated) the night away! 
    •  We went to New Orleans, my favorite city in America, for Memorial Day.  It was a blast!
    • Travis moved far, far away to Carrizo Spring, TX.  Not to be confused with Mexico.

    June 2011 
    • I welcomed summer with open arms after a long, long year in Kindergarten. 
    • Lindsey married her man and we celebrated the couple at a beautiful reception.
    • I spent a weekend with Travis in Carrizo and we helped catch baby deer to be tagged and vaccinated.
    • We celebrated Ashley's 25th with a girls weekend in San Antonio on the River Walk and at Sea World (My first trip, but not my last! I fell in love with the Shamu show!) 

    • I started a business, Class Couture, I had been thinking about for years. I spent the summer sewing away! It was really fun but as it turns out...working all day and then coming home to work more is well, a lot of work.  Something I would like to really peruse more seriously when I have more "free" time. 

     July 2011
    • We celebrated America with Travis' entire family at their bay house. A good time had by all!
    • I found out Britt and Mark were going to have a BABY!! I a bar. It was quite ridic.
    • We spent a weekend with friends in Palacios and I spent a week in Carrizo with T and Mill. 
    • I taught myself how to screen print! 

    August 2011

    • I anxiously awaited college football and started a Christmas countdown.
    • My summer ended. Tear. But I welcomed 22 sweet kinder babies into my class! I dipped my toes in the water and decided to start a class blog.

    September 2011
    • College football started! My idea of a perfect Saturday was back in my life!
    • I stayed busy with Class Couture orders.
    • We spent a weekend in Cuero.
    • Had too much fun, yes too much fun, at a wedding. 
    • With the help of Mr. Urbo I grew pumpkins! One of my very most favorite things ever!

    October 2011
    • We went to Cuero for Turkey Fest. (Wish I had pics! It was a blast!)
    • We celebrated Dan's bday in Palacios. Fun as always!
    • We had a shower for my brother and Katie. And we skipped out on two weddings.
    • Travis cooked at Yoakum Western Days. We watched Cory Morrow put on one of the best shows I've ever seen...and somehow, not sure how, but Travis' ah-mazing ribs didn't even place!? wtf?
    • We spent a low key Halloween weekend in Carrizo, just the two of us - never happens - and we carved pumpkins! 

    November 2011

    • I started this little blog and I am SO glad I did!
    • My sweet Mill girl miraculously survived downing 300 vitamins. Thank the Lord. 
    • Mrs. Urbo and my mom met for the first time! We enjoyed a day of shopping at the Nutcracker Market!  Mrs. Urbo did a great job not spilling the beans on what was to happen the following weekend!
    • I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my FIANCE!

    December 2011
    • Travis was in a wedding in Oklahoma City. We had a blast Friday night which left me feeling not so hot for the actual wedding - I didn't get a pic of my cute dress and new shoes!
    • We fell in love with Cabo at my brother's wedding.
    • I went to a friends wedding sans Trav but met him that Sunday for the Texans game.
    • I spent my very last Christmas as a Landin and loved every minute of family time!
    • We went to Pete's to ring in a new year!  

    And now 2012 is among us and I couldn't be more excited about everything that this year will hold. 

    New babies added to the mix, a ton of weddings, a big move, a new job, A NEW LAST NAME!!

    2012, I am already obsessed with you. 

    I wish everyone what we will have this year...


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