Tuesday, March 6, 2012

odd baller

Why yes, Ryan Gosling is a dream boat...

If you like the mysterious, hair gel wearing types...

I for one, do not.  

Ladies, I just don't get the men you pine over. Just don't get it.  

That may be because the gentleman that suit my fancy are a smidge different...

Call me an odd ball.

What's that list called? You know the one made famous by Friends. The one of celebrities that if given the chance you'd be allowed a smooze it up with, no questions asked...anyway, you know the one.  

Want to know whose on my list?

Great! I'll tell you! 

I give you my "T can't care bc they're on my list" list.

Number one.

Phil Mickelson

Yes sir, you are sexy. It doesn't hurt that you have a really sexy hobby that has made you millions. DIrty rumor has it this guy and his wife are swingers...I choose not to believe this rumor although it could work to my benefit.

It also doesn't hurt that he has possibly the cutest little fam ev...

A few years back Casey and I stalked him at a golf tourney.  He waved at us.  See...

My heart stopped. There was def a love connection there.  Surely he felt it too.  We later tricked some kid into getting his autograph for us - he only give autographs to kids. Such a kid lover. I die. 

Number Two.

Dan Koppen
Oh wait, you don't know who he is?? That's okay. 
Most people don't give a hoot about those sexy linemen. More for me! 
He's the center for the Patriots. He also looks remarkably similar to that cute red head I get to marry. T definitely used that to his advantage last time he was in Boston...no worries, we weren't dating just yet!

Know what though? I'd take the real T over the impersonater, Dan, any day of the week. Except maybe, just maybe the night of a Super Bowl win... and just for the record, Trav's eyes are waaay prettier than Dan's. T also will never, I repeat, WILL NEVER, grow that beard (you hear that Travis?)  

But Dan really, if T's ever out of town I don't think he'd mind if we cuddled. I know you're good at it. Big boys always are!

Number Three.

Mike Rowe
 Ahhh...that grin, that humor, that voice.
Even covered in shiz he'd still make the list. 
I would let this guy talk to me about artificially inseminating heifers all day long.

And anyone who is/was on Sesame Street gains 1000 cool points in my book. 
I always liked Oscar too, Mike. And his little inch worm friend. 

Number Four.

Vince Vaughn
He's funny, he's charming, he's so big - total package.
He should've totally taken me to his fraternity formals...I would've been a great date.

Lastly, Number Five. 

Kyle Chandler. 
We know him as Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. I gotta be honest, this guys is super sexy but if it weren't for the character he plays on the show I wouldn't be as drawn to him.  I mean a Texas high school, football coaching, badass...that's sexy.

And if this next gentleman was just a bit younger and less important he would be at the tippy top of this list...

Mr. President, George W. Bush
Good looking, goofy, TEXAN, powerful, peppered hair, mmm....politics aside, I will always love this man. 

So there you have it.  The complete "list" plus a wishful contender.

My friend Danny has noted that I am "automatically attracted to the most average guys I can find".  I can't argue with that, he's right.  There's something about those sweet baby faces and the smiling eyes of your everyday average joes that I just can't get enough of! 

So tell me, who makes your list?? I'm dying to know! 


  1. I love Phil Mickelson. I met him two years ago at a tournament down here. He is the nicest guy ever!

  2. LOVE DAN KOPPEN! Mainly because I'm a Pats fan:) What a list - love it! I have to admit though - I've been in love with Ryan Gosling since I was 12 - I'm not a newbie on his bandwagon:) Love your new blog design too - it looks awesome!

  3. vince vaughn is my number 1. i just LOVE him.

    and can totally appreciate your love for DUB, too :)

  4. hahahahaha i could have named your list before reading this. you prob should have mentioned that we have this convo with out group of friends on average once a month. ha!

  5. To each her own, I say. I had widely varying tastes in men, but #1 on my celebrity crush list is always, always Christian Bale.

    But I have so many others! Colin Firth, Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Robert Pattinson, Miles Fisher, Gerard Butler, Will Smith, Milo Ventimiglia, Robert Downey Jr., Harrison Ford...I could go on and on.

    Oh, and these 5 Disney cartoon characters:


  6. I do agree, Mike Rowe is pretty sexy. But, I will admit, I swoon over Mr. Gosling. I don't know what it is. The Notebook made me fall in love with him- two hours, that's it. I am a sap. I can't help it :)



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