Wednesday, March 7, 2012


T's 29th bday was last week.  Can you believe I'm going to be marrying such an old man?? Me neither!  Guess we're going to have jump on the baby making train asap after the babies can't be having an old hag out there coaching them! ha I kid, I kid kind of

T completely disagrees about 30 being "old"...he is certian I act way older than 30 and that he is the young gun...piiiish....I just tire easier than he does....

Anyway, of course I've been in party planning mode for his big 3-0 since practically the day we started dating! I LOVE few things more than a great excuse to party!

Here are a few ideas I'm loving via pinterest...

Navy and orange, one of my fav combos! I also love the layout of this simple invite and requesting to bring a pic.  Travis would love that! Any excuse to reminience on his wild college days. ok, ok - I take any excuse too!

Ahhh...I just love balloons! A bouquet of 30 balloons is a must!

I love this! It's "girly" enough for me to have so much fun with it but plenty masculine! AND...I def love that color combo.  I can't get enough orange!

I love this beer tasting theme! Perfect way to celebrate with friends!

I'm picturing tons of "bar" food (my fave!).  The easy to eat snacks in those bowls is too perf! Although, I imagine his 30th will get a little wilder than these pictures may put will definitely be a massive celebration!

If this year is any indicator as to how busy we'll be next year plans will have to be made for this big party asap*.  I'm seriously considering sending out save the dates. Be checking your mail boxes in the next 6 months people! 
 *please 8lb 3 oz baby Jesus, please don't let our lives be this busy next year.

Wahoo!! I can't believe our friends are all getting married and having babies and turning 30!
No lie, I think I've spent my whole life dreaming of these years!


  1. good luck with planning! that sounds do fun :] great ideas.

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  2. I am turning 30 soon too. Where did the time go?

  3. That sounds like so much fun!!! Have fun with all of the planning!

  4. Died laughing over the Talladega Nights ref.

    PS - How did I miss that you have a new header? I love it!!! I need to bust out of Google Reader more often.

  5. sounds like so much fun!! i love the bring a ridiculous picture theme that would bring up some great stories!!!

  6. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad I found you too! Great pins! 30 is in a couple of years for me...scary!!! But hey its a great excuse for a fab party!

  7. also just followed you! looking forward to getting to know you!

  8. Love these ideas! Me and the hubs both turn 30 this year!!


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