Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BELIZE it or not

For a solid 4 days I have done nothing but daydream about our honeymoon.

We have always been super excited about this part of planning a wedding (duh, who isn't?) Travis has always said he wanted to go someplace we can go with our family on a semi regular basis. I love that idea!  I was set on going somewhere neither of us had ever been before.  Travis has been many amazing places but he has never been to...


Ambergris Caye to be exact.

T's parents love Belize, so much in fact his dad wants to buy a banana plantation (he's obsessed with fruit...) there when he retires. How perf!! If grandma and grandpa are freakin living (part time) in paradise we'll have all the more reason to go!  

In 193 days we will be flying into Belize City, taking a little dinker plane to San Pedro and jumping on a boat to take us to this secluded little piece of heaven.


AHHHH....look at those cute houses! It's simple, secluded, family run, colorful and so very perfect for me and T!

Obviously pinterest has only added to my excitement!
Check it:
The famous Blue Hole. Beautiful. (and a little scary) 

 Mayan ruins. Gotta throw some history into the trip for Trav.

 Cave tubing is DEF on our to-do list!

Apparently, these little guys hang around under the pier lights at the resort at night.  I hope that's true...they're my fav sea animals!  

(google, not pinterest image)
T wants this to be him and not going to lie, I kind of want it to be me too!

193 days!

These chairs at the resort have out names written all over them!

See you soon, Ambergris Caye!! See you soon!


  1. You got me google searching this island! What is the name of the resort? Did I miss that part in your post? lol. This place looks beautiful and I have always wanted to go!

  2. This is reminding me of this season of the Bachelor!! Looks amazing!!! You guys are gonna have so much fun:)

  3. If i go on a diet now... I can fit into your suitcase come Oct. Sounds like a great idea to me, huh?!?!

  4. We went last year for our 4th anniversary and LOVED Ambergris caye. I blogged all about it & our favorites were the catamaran sail and snorkel adventure, followed by the massage on the pier :)


  5. I've heard Belize is a pretty amazing place to go! I've always wanted to go to the Mayan ruins. I'm sure it will be a blast:)

  6. Belize, belize, belize! SO MUCH FUN AND I AM SO JEALOUS

  7. oh my gosh this honeymoon will be amazing for you, those photos im sure won't do it justice. i want to take another honeymoon just to relax, not thinking about anything and just have people bring me drinks while i lay out on the beach. can i book another honeymoon for our second anniversary? i think that is a great idea!


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