Monday, March 5, 2012

waiting on WHITE!

I'm waiting on white

This morning T texted me with the most exciting reminder...

Seven months today baby, SEVEN months!

Seven months until I'll be wearing a beautiful white(ish) dress, walking down the isle to my man (who will most certainly NOT be dressed in white even though he enjoys kidding about it...)

White is the color I dream for months about pulling back out of my closet.

White goes with everything!

White linen pants? Possibly my favorite item of clothing.

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Do you follow the no white before Spring Break rule?
I don't so much...if the weather is nice and warm next favorite pieces of white clothing will definitely be re-introduced into my wardrobe.  The will be welcomed with OPEN arms for sure!

Just thinking about all the new spring outfit options makes me so, so very excited!

Speaking of white....

White is the GLORIOUS empty space in my EC Life planner for the week of March 12-16.

Spring Break 2k12 and no plans! Just reason 38,4567,349 why I love my job!

*   *   *   *

White...I love it all!

White means a new season, a fresh new start, sunny days, fun clothes, cute sandles, ample outdoors time.
Ahhhhh!! Can't wait!

I could say right now that Spring is my favorite season...but then when Seotember rolls around I will tell you fall, then just 3 months later I will tell you winter...

Basically, I am obsessed with the changing of season. I love them all (except not so much Houston summers)

A new start every 3 months is good for everyone!


  1. HAHAHA I had the argument with my groom about being in all white and let's say that I lost the battle and he will be in all ivory. I pick my battles and that is not one I wanted to deal with. Lucky for you that you win!

  2. yayyyyy!!!!!

    btw. looove your new header :) :)

  3. Love the new blog look!!! Enjoy this time Mandell - it will FLY! Sooo excited for you and what a gorgeous bride you will be!!!

  4. I LOVE white too. It's just so clean and crisp and goes well with everything. Although, it is a pain to keep clean. The one day I wore white pants to work, i got home and my entire butt was brown. Kinda gross. I wonder what my jeans would look like if they magically turned white, LOL!


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