Wednesday, March 14, 2012

get organized!

Orangization is something I say I'm good at but if you'd peek in to my real life at any given moment as of late you may disagree...

I do however desire a perfectly organized home and we.will. (mark my words) have one of those just as soon as we're settled into our home and have some space to spread out. 

You know, one thing I've found to be the MOST important thing about being and staying organized...


You first have to find time to get everything perfectly organized...that's easy enough.  Find a weekend, get to work. But keeping it that way is a struggle! I feel like I live out of a suit case at the moment.  That poor thing never gets unpacked. What is clean stays in the suit case and new clothes are added every Thursday night ready to leave again on Friday. I have piles of laundry I never get to and stacks of clean clothes that need to find a home in a completely crammped space.

It's a mess. I'm a mess. BUT I take comfort in knowing that in less than 205 days that will all change! Can't wait to be back to my "normal" self, post wedding. 

I also take comfort in seeing beautifully organized homes on pinterest.

Like these simple fixes...

Crafts and junk

These are great for all my wrapping paper, ribbons, fabrics, screen print junk, etc., etc.  I've got so much junk and it needs desperate orgaization!

Love how simple these are. We will have a very specific laundry plan of action.


 Those baskets hanging are so clever and have so many great uses!

I basically have this using push pins but this is so much prettier.  Oh Traaaav...

Seriously can't wait for the day I will have all my things in one place nice and neat!

And just for good measure I'll leave you with this precious pup...
Oh sweet, little, liver and white Brittany pup...Millie and I both want you.


  1. I did a pinterets post on organizing today too! Love these ides though...especially the closet related one. I mean is it pathetic that the linen closet one is my favorite? That's when you know your all grown up...when a linen closet excites you!!

  2. I am so organized too. I don't know how anyone could go thru life and not be. It makes me anxious. Good pins!


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