Friday, March 9, 2012

on my fingers...

this glittery fun!

For a night anyway.

I did a quick paint job just now as I wait to leave for the rehearsal dinn 2 1/2 hours away but I have a mani on the agenda for this wont last long but goodness, I love this glitter nail polish. Another plus about glitter, it dries super fast!

This is from Urban Outfitters, they have some really fun colors and I think the polish is pretty good quality AND...2 for $10! (usually)

Link up for nail files!  I never have but need to start, I could use a good excuse for a weekly mani.  See those cuticles?? Ouch! My nails def need some TLC!

Have an incredible weekend!


  1. love that glitter! so pretty!

  2. love it!!! must go pick some up!!

  3. I love that nail polish! I just painted mine glittery too, only they are pink. :)

  4. love that polish! I might have to take a trip to urban outfitters for that! glitter polish is the best...and if you smudge it you can never tell which adds a whole other level of awesome to it!


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